Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A new student review of When the World Ends... by J. J. Marshall

m-and-m-b-baller posted a new student review of When the World Ends... by J. J. Marshall. See the full review.

I would rate this book a four. The dramatic turn of futuristic events and spins really got me into the book. Reading this book from the main character, Alec's, perspective made me feel like I was there. The author described Alec's troubling life through a wonderful chilling spine tickling eerie way. I got goosebumps at certain spots. In certain spots, there were cliff hangers that made me want more. All the futuristic content, such as shuttles, bases on the moon, spheres, laser guns, and the whole package made me think about the possible inventions in the future. I thought, "Could this really happen?" Usually, I'm not that excited about futuristic books, but this book made me cry, laugh, get angry, and smile. When a book makes me feel something, I know it's good. The turn of being a good boy, to a bad boy, to a romantic lover, and back to the cool spy made me happy. I could picture the book very clearly, each scene I could picture what the people, scene, and objects look. This author should publish more futuristic books so I can read them. I've already started to look up the next book in the series. Of course, a book that ends on a cliffhanger requires me to check out the next book. In summary, I think that this book was a mix of life/death, future, rebel/goody goody mix. Alec's situation fascinates me, and I felt I could relate. I cannot wait to make the next read. The only thing I would even dare criticize would be the length. 300 something pages may seem like a lot, but I felt like the author spent a lot of time detailing certain things, and then it would be barely as much information as the recent scene. But I got the plot, and could relate to a character, which is what my goal was. Thank you, LitPick!