Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lunch-Box Dream by Tony Abbott

In the Lunch-box Dream by Tony Abbott, the character Bobby and his brother Ricky go on a road trip with their family to visit Civil War battlefields.  The year is 1959, the era of the Civil Rights movement, and Bobby does not like black people. He calls them chocolates and does not want to have anything to do with them. When an accident cuts their trip short the family ends up taking the bus back to their hometown of Cleveland. Bobby and his family come face-to-face with racial discrimination that may jeopardize a black family' s seats on the bus.  The reason the family has to be on the bus though is because their child is missing in a different town.
This book was not one of my favorites. I did not really like the structure of the book. This book was not a back-and-forward book. It was a back-and-back-and-forward-and-other-and-another-and-other again book. The book was also very confusing since it contained many characters which made it hard to try to keep track of who was who.  Most of the book was building up to the end which wrapped up in two chapters.   If there were fewer characters telling that story it may have been better.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Rochester, New York USA

Sorghaghtani of Mongolia

        I read the book Sorghaghtani of Mongolia by Shrin Yim Bridges. It is a nonfiction book about a princess named Sorghaghtani. About the age of twelve Sorghaghtani married Prince Touli who was the son of Genghis Khan. While still a teenager she gives birth to their first son. Later she had three more sons. Touli spent most of his time away fighting while Sorghaghtani stayed home to care for their children. She also had to deal with government business if her husband was away. When she was only forty her husband died after a night of drinking alcoholic mare's milk . After her husband's death her brother in law gave her all authority over her husband's land . Later when this same brother in law tried to take control of most of China Sorghaghtani had to be wise and brave to keep him from taking all the land. In the end Sorghaghtani's son was elected the supreme ruler. Sorghaghtani was respected for her wisdom and for teaching her sons to be kind leaders that hel their people.

       This book is more than a story about Sorghaghtani life. It is also about the culture of the Mongol tribes who lived north of China. The book shows pictures of some many everyday things Sorghaghtani would have used. Princesses wore a dress with trousers tucked into boots. When they got married they wore a Baqta which was a hat that showed they were married. I was surprised to learn that the women did all the hard work of loading the wagons and getting the horses ready when the tribe decided to move to a different area. This book was very interesting and fun to read.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Destiny and Deception by Shannon Delany

The Rusakova family has just begun a normal life, as they have taken the cure to extend their lives and cease being werewolves. However, normal seems to be a let down after the previous adventures Jess has had with her boyfriend, Pietr Rusakova. Upset that his attentions seem to now be lying elsewhere, but determined to support him through anything, Jess finds herself caught between her wants and her promises. Then danger comes to the town in the form of a new werewolf pack. Will the Rusakovas be able to overcome past grievances to save the town? Or will their attempts simply crash and burn?

Destiny and Deception was an engaging read with interesting plot twists. However, the way the author connected the two interwoven plots of the story was oftentimes confusing. The plot seemed to rely more on the romantic interests of the characters than the dangers occurring in the town, a disappointment, as these conflicts were interesting and engaging. Nonetheless, Destiny and Deception was well written and the chapters written from each perspective gave the reader an understanding into every character s feelings and purpose. I would recommend Destiny and Deception for those who are fans of mysteries and fantasies, as well as those who have read the books in the 13 to Life series preceding this one.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Colleyville, Texas US

Stolen Away by Alyxandra Harvey

Eloise has lived a normal life with her funky single mom, Jaz, and her two best friends, Devin and Jo. She also had no idea that faeries existed; that is, until she was abducted by Strahan, the king of Faery. Strahan wants to use Eloise as a bargaining chip to get Eloise's Aunt Antonia back to the Faery court. Antonia is the only one who can stop Strahan, who has yet to give up his crown after the maximum seven years of ruling. Eloise must figure out a way to escape and help Antonia defeat Strahan, before the conflict of the Faery world trickles into the human world.
I wanted to read Stolen Away because I previously loved Hearts at Stake, another book by Alyxandra Harvey. Unfortunately, I didn't think that Stolen Away was as good as the author's other series. I liked the premise of Stolen Away, especially because I don't read that many books about fairies. However, I wish the book was a little bit longer so there was more development about the Faery court and politics. That seemed very interesting but was just glossed over. I also wish the characters were developed a little more beyond some superficial characteristics. Other than that, I really enjoyed the action at the end, and the romance between Eloise and Lucas and Jo and Eldric added something extra to the novel. Overall, even though Stolen Away wasn't as good as I was hoping, it was still an enjoyable novel.

Reviewer Age:20
Reviewer City, State and Country: Aston, Pennsylvania United States

The Phantom Limb

Summary: I read The Phantom Limb by William Sleator and Ann Monticone. I greatly enjoyed this book. It had an interesting plot and was unlike any other book that I have ever read. It is the story of Issac, a boy with a dead father and a mother in the hospital. Friends reccomend a hospital for Issac's mom, so the family moves to a new house with Issac's grandfather who hasn't been himself in years. Issac feels neglected and alone until he finds a mirror box in his new bedroom. When he tries out the mirror box, he realizes that it not only reflects his other reflects the limb of another boy. With Issac's mom getting worse, Issac turns to the phantom limb for help. Doing a little poking around, Issac soon learns that the phantom limb belongs to a boy murdered by the same doctor operating on his mother now. The phantom limb directs Issac on how to save his mother. But can Issac trust the phantom limb?

Opinion: I really enjoyed The Phantom Limb. It was extremely original, I doubt you could find anything else like it. William Sleator and Ann Monticone really made you feel for the main character. The boy who has been through so much, you really get a sense of who he is. However, my only problem was that the book was a little bit predictable. I didn't really see the ending coming, but I saw the rest of the book coming within the first half. The end wasn't one of those books that makes you want to throw it across the room, it ties up all loose ends which I liked. It's a short read, but each chapter leaves you wanting more. All in all, I would highly recommend The Phantom Limb.


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 7

Reviewer Age: 13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Tipp City, Ohio USA

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Horse Diaries: Black Cloud by Patricia Hermes

Horse Diaries is about a horse named Black Cloud.  The story begins when he is born.  He explores around the meadow as his mother keeps them from harm.  After discovering many things throughout the meadow, they go back to the herd of horses.  He meets his father and some other colts and fillies.  After many days of playing, grazing, drinking, and sleeping with the other foals, a strange machine flies above their herd.  When all the other horses go running, Black Cloud follows.  He runs from the machine, which his mom calls a helicopter, for hours on end.  Soon, many of the horses begin to fall and never get back up.  When the machine leaves, the horses stop near a foul-tasting creek.  Many horses are captured by humans.  What will happen to Black Cloud?

The story wasn't as long as it could have been.  It was a nice story someone could read to a little brother or sister.  If it had more chapters, it could have been more interesting.  It had a lot of repeat sentences in the first two chapters.  The story didn't get me attached to the characters in the book.  Horse Diaries didn't have a lot of details about most of the things that happened to the horses.  I wouldn't recommend this book for people over the age of 9.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leesburg, Virginia U.S.A

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Battle of the Onoxmon by Alison Kartevold

Princesses Sophie and Veronica live in the castle in KenKarta, located on Virtier. Above Virtier are the Upper Tiers, where magical creatures live. In the Lower Tiers, the evil creatures are imprisoned. In KenKarta Veronica and Sophie spend their time playing, studying, and learning to use their Gifts. (Gifts are a little like magic powers but not quite the same.) Sophie, Veronica, Queen Alison, and King Dale make up a very happy family. But all that changes when Alison is stuck on an entirely different tier, Dale is being held and tortured who knows where, and Sophie is kidnapped! Veronica sets out to save her little sister, but ends up with the task of saving her entire world. She has some help from old friends, Julia and Dalminyo, and the help of a new friend, a stable boy named Zane. Even so, is she up to the challenge?
This book was one of the best books I have reviewed! The plot was complicated and kept changing, so you never got bored, but you didn't become really confused either. The characters were really relatable (for me at least) and had a lot of the impulses I do. I love how one of the bad guys isn't completely bad and Sophie is the only one who can see the good in him. I would suggest this to fantasy readers ages 10-14 (especially those with younger siblings) because it's one of the better books around with main characters close to that age.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Rockwell City, IA USA

R and the Sabre of Slaytr (eBook) by Summer Lockhart

This book is about a young orphan who goes on a quest to find out who his parents are. It starts out with him on a beach not knowing anything about himself. He then sees terrifying dreams. Except the dreams he sees are real events that happened. He is then taken to an orphanage by a man called Right Virgil. After a few years Right Virgil dies and on his deathbed tells him to read from the Sabre of Saltyr.
I loved this book. It was really well written and had me guessing what came next. In the end there is a twist so huge not even a magician could have predicted it.  The vocabulary was a little interesting and I had to look up some words but not to many. This book compares to Eragon but is more amazingly written. This is a beautifully written book with a beautiful ending.
I would recommend this book to anybody who liked Eragon but can handle a more twisted plot.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Hunting Valley, OH USA

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Knife and the Butterfly by Ashley Hope Perez

After a huge gang fight between Azael's MS-13, and a rival gang, 16-year-old Azael wakes up to a familiar sight--juvie.  Or is it?  No lawyer, no phone call, and no news about his brother. The only thing they make him do is watch some white girl he doesn't know and remember what happened.

Lexi Allen has no trouble remembering the fight, but her family and lawyers would love it if she could choose to forget it once it's time to testify.  She may be the key to Azael's understanding of what happened. There's a connection intertwined between them that goes deeper than they could both imagine.  Will Azael be able to figure out what happened before it's too late?  Can Lexi sort through what's right and what's wrong?
At first, I was a bit apprehensive about this book because of the language. Azael uses a lot of swear words and likes to describe girls in a rough manner. Not to mention that there were a lot of Spanish phrases that I did not understand, having never taken Spanish before. Then I realized that it was all part of the character. Perez does a beautiful job getting into Azael's head, and had she not used this language, Azael would not be believable.
The whole book is rather like a mystery trying to figure out what happened during the gang fight, and once I finished, I read it again and was able to pick up clues. The ending was absolutely beautiful, and immediately I gave the book to my English teacher to read because I really think she will like it. The chapters switch between then and now, so the reader finds out more of Azael's past along the way and what caused his tough life. Through his past, the reader is able to find Azael's lovable side of the boy who's just trying to survive. Even the disrespectful Lexi has a heart, and I came to love her, too.

I loved this book so much. If it were a movie, it would probably be rated R because of the profanity and gang violence, but it would be powerful enough to get nominated for an Academy Award. I would recommend this book to anyone, and think it should be read in school. And I will say it again, the ending is beautiful!
There was a lot of swearing and some slang descriptions of girls that would be a little disrespectful to someone who may not be OK with that. 

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Gearhart, Oregon United States

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Narrative Loserdom by Ryan Collins

     Narrative Loserdom, by Ryan Collins, is a classic tale of two teenage boys.  This book is written in the journalistic style by Justin Taggart; he writes about all the interesting things he and his friend Adam do.  From video games and girls to money, they're always doing something different.  Justin's fear of being rejected makes his dating life very miserable.    Find out if Adam and Justin make it through high school, in Narrative Loserdom.
     The plot to this book was very interesting, yet confusing.  Justin would often have flash backs or change the scene.  The author did a nice job at making you feel like you're part of the book.  You could feel Justin's voice the whole time.  This book is not meant for younger kids, although it's short.  It involves stealing and some pornographic references.

I gave this a 3 because there is references to Adam watching pornography, and stealing.

Reviewer Age:12

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flying to the Light (eBook) by Elyse Salpeter

Flying to the Light by Elyse Salpeter is about two brothers- Michael and Danny- whose parents get kidnapped at an awards ceremony late at night. The next morning, they wake up to immediate chaos. Michael sees news reports telling of his parents being partners with an evil biochemist, Samuel Herrington, and soon the bad men begin chasing them down, desperate to capture Danny. Michael doesn t know much at first, but he discovers that Danny isn t just his innocent kid brother. Danny can do the impossible: he knows what happens after you die, and Herrington is after that ability. Through betrayals, discoveries, and Danny s unique abilities, Michael and Danny do their best to escape from Herrington s men- and find their parents.
What I enjoyed most about this book was learning about Danny s powers. At a few points in the novel, I was shocked by how creative the author was being. She drew me into the story by exposing little by little of Danny, and each part made me want to discover more. I also liked the characters of both Danny and Michael. Danny seems like just a regular little boy, and he doesn t act like his ability makes him all that special. Michael always does anything he can to get him and his brother out of tight situations.

The author s style is just perfect for the plot of the book: she has fairly good writing, but it didn' t go into too much detail about every little thing, which I liked.

Some things I didn' t like about the novel: I felt like almost every chapter, there was a new discovery about someone they trusted being evil. Although it kept the plot moving, it was a little too much. Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who likes mystery novels and adventure- it was a page turner.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Burke , Virginia USA

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Aria has been cast out of Reverie, out of the Realms, out of her home.  Now she is in the outside, "the Death Shop".  With the raging Aether storms, she doesn't know how long she'll be able to survive.  Then she meets an Outsider named Perry who is her only chance of survival.  Despite their mutual hatred for each other, Perry and Aria come to an agreement so both can get what want most: Aria her life and Perry his salvation.  But will they be able to work together long enough to save everyone they know?

Under the Never Sky was an amazing book.  I could not put it down once I opened it and read it in one sitting.  Veronica Rossi has the book switching back and forth between Aria's and Perry's perspectives.  This helps the plot to be smooth and continuous and melds the lives of Aria and Perry.  The characters were extremely well developed, and there is never a dull moment in Aria and Perry's story.  I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Brownsburg, Indiana United States of America

Cutting Cords

Book Title: Cutting Cords
Author: Jo Ramsey
ISBN: 9780983262428
Summary: This book was about a young girl named Shanna, who's father just moved out, due to an unhealthy marrige. Shanna is now left with her abusive mother. The only person she can look to for comfort is her best friend, Jonah. Jonah is trying to teach Shanna about being of light, banishing demons, and how to meditate. A friend of Shanna's, named Tammi, is cursed with a demon, and the demon has created an invisible cord, attached to Tammi, so she can drain Tammi's energy and transfer into the real world. Shanna must overcome her insecurity, and fear of her mother, to cast out the demon in Tammi.
Opinion: Wow. This book was amazing. I loved how the book started out by introducing the marrige problem between her mother and father right off the bat. It made me want to keep reading to see what might happen next. I loved the suspense that the author used at the end of some of the chapters. It gave the book an element that kept me reading. I appreciated that. I also loved how she eventually became more comfortable with her friend Jonah. It gave a romantic edge to the book that was very fun to read about.


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Enon, Ohio USA

True Grime by Natasha Deen

True Grime, by Natasha Deen, focuses on the adventures of a teenage fairy cop named Pepper Polly Pebble Petunia Powder Puff, but don't ever call her that unless you're her partner Harley Hands! Pepper and Harley, two hard-working Grime cops, work to keep magical creatures from misusing their magic. However, when a high-tech bomb set by terrorists turns Pepper into the world's first fairy amputee, things get personal. Pepper and Harley go undercover as humans to keep the very same terrorists from destroying all of humankind by unleashing a Violent Illness of Unusual Resistance and Strength (V.I.U.R.S) in one of the human world's biggest shopping centers. The mission, however, ends up being tougher than Pepper had expected -- what with the fancy new technology of the terrorists and the unpredictability of humanity.
I did not find the book to be a particularly engaging read. While the characters were witty and likeable, the plot was quite predictable. The writing style and vocabulary were not very advanced, though that may be due to the fact that the narrator is a teenage fairy. The book was a mix of fantasy, adventure, and teen romance. Many aspects of the fantasy world created by Deen were unoriginal and made me immediately recall markedly similar elements or items from popular series such as Harry Potter. I will say that True Grime was a quick read and fairly amusing. However, readers should not expect to find any underlying themes; it's a story told for the sake of telling a story.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Columbus, IN USA

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Undrowned Child by Michelle Lovric

Teodora has been long anticipating her trip to Venice, a place where she feels she belongs. She has come from Naples with her adoptive parents, and is eager for an enchanting vacation in the little city. Teo is touring a charming old-fashioned Venetian bookshop when one of its volumes falls on her head. Venice turns out to be more than meets the eye as Teo begins to unlock centuries-old secrets that have led the ancient city into perilous danger.
I liked this book! It' s a little slow to take off, but once it does, it's an interesting story that ties into Venice s history and gives it a magical twist. If you 're someone who likes details to be perfect, parts of this story might bother you: The characters often accept undeniably magical and impossible situations and don 't question it. Personally, I didn' t mind and still found this story to be a satisfying read that taught me a little about Venice and told a good story at the same time. The young heroine in this tale will charm readers of all ages. An overall good read!

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Tigard, OR USA

The Lily Pond by Annika Thor

Stephanie finds herself a year older and still in Poland. Her parents still suffer in war-ravaged Germany, trying to survive. So when Stephanie gets the chance to continue her schooling beyond six years she does everything in her power to be able to stay at the school on the mainland. Stephanie is staying with a fairly rich couple that rented her foster parents' cabin the summer before. She soon begins to fall in love with the couples son, who is five years Stephanie s senior (he' s nineteen, she s fourteen). In the end Stephanie is accused of cheating on a test, and Sven, the couple's son, tells Stephanie something that devastates her so much she is willing to give up her education, which would help her have a better life

At first I was kind of disappointed in this book, but then around the second or third chapter things started to pick up, and the book began to have more action. Soon it was as if someone had glued my eyes to the pages of the book and I couldn 't put it down.
The ending did surprise me, when it came my mouth formed an O shape. I was stunned I would have never thought they' d be friends again (Stephanie and Sven). I thought Stephanie would' ve been to embarrassed to show her face again, I thought she was going to just wallow in her pity, but this ending literally left me there thinking WOW, I never would' ve guessed this book was going to take me by surprise. I 'd rate this book out of ten ponds, eight ponds. I really believe you wouldn' t regret picking this book to read (if you' re a girl.) because of the romance in it.

P.S. I also think the author left all loose ends tied up at the end of the book, and this book taught me that nothing is always easy, but if you persevere that things will end up all right.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Nampa, Idaho U.S.A

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Over the Edge by Norah McClintock

When Peter (a person from Chloe's school) is found dead at the bottom of MacAdam's lookout, nobody knows if he jumped.... or if he was pushed. And to top it all off, Peter's mother seemed to think that Chloe was a friend of Peter's, when Chloe barely even noticed him. Will Chloe find out what really happened to Peter?
Although this book was good, it was my least favorite of the whole series. It didn't have as much action as the other ones in the series. This book was still amazing, though! It just didn't answer a few questions I had at the end of the book.... such as, what happened to Mrs. Flosnick? What happened to Lise's father? What happened to Daria? What happened to Matt? Although there were a few questions unanswered, I didn't figure out the ending before it happened (like I did with the other books in the series). The ending was a complete surprise to me. This book was very good (other then the unanswered questions), and I suggest you read it! :)
I rated this 2 because there are some violant scenes that may be too much for the younger age.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Yucaipa, CA USA

Spirits of the Noh

Kara Harper and her friends survived a nightmarish summer fighting to stop the Kyuketsuki. They succeeded in closing his window into our world. The demon left them with a curse that would draw demons that would exact the revenge of the Kyuketsuki. After months of dread, things seem to be back to normal. School was back in session, and people were moving on, but the darkness is looming. Worry starts to arise when two students go missing after working on the play Dojoji for Noh Club. The official theory is that they ran away together, but after Miiho is attacked they know something more sinister is afoot. There is a demon in Miyazu City that seems to be only interested in the Noh Club kids. Kara and her friends decide to attempt to protect the club members after the violent murder of the play's star by the demon, Hannya. In this pursuit Miho is kidnapped and wakes up trapped in the Hannya's lair. To find out what happens read "Spirits of the Noh" by Thomas Randall.

"Spirits of the Noh" is a riveting story that has the reader holding their breath up to the last page. This book can be a little complicated at first if you have not read the first book. If you want to have a better understand you really should read the first book, "Dreams of the Dead". The story flows from one point of view to another without warning. Each of the characters has a distinct personality that seems to bleed through and blend with the other character's perfectly. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a thrilling read with hints of mystery, romance, and the supernatural.

There are some graphic scenes described.
Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Makanda, Illinois USA

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Space Merchants

Book Title: The Space Merchants
Author: Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth
ISBN: 9781250000156
Summary: In an overpopulated, future Earth, Mitch Courtenay is a star-class copywriter in a world run by business. He has been given the job of advertising an ad to attract colonist to Venus by the Fowler Schocken advertising agency that he works for. Venus has just been judged to be hospitable, even with the harsh climates. Mitch’s relationship with his wife, Kathy, is in turmoil. His relationship with his boss, however, is strong because Fowler Shocken is giving Mitch the most important job that the agency has ever been a part of. The Taunton agency is fighting for the right to have Venus and will do anything to get it. However, Mitch’s career takes a turn for the worst after a betrayal leaves him with nothing and he may never have the same life again.
Opinion: I really liked this book. The author used a good setting of how the world could easily turn into. The characters fit very well into the setting and plot of the book. I would have liked the author to explain some of the products in the book a little more clearly such as the anti-soot plugs and what they were used for. The twist that the author put in the book had me turning the pages just to find out what he does next. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction and/or dystopian novels


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 7
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Springfield , Ohio United States

The File on Angelyn Stark

Book Title: The File on Angelyn Stark
Author: Catherine Atkins
ISBN: 9780375869068
Summary: “You think you know me?” This is how Angelyn Stark would respond to meeting a new person. As an outsider, you would not know much about Angelyn. Sure, at school, kids see the bad girl side of her, the one that doesn’t mind getting in trouble. But what happened to the good girl, the one that studied with Mrs. Daly after school when she was younger? And why does she hate Mrs. Daly’s grandson, Nathan, so much? What did Nathan do to make Angelyn’s mom and step-father hate her? And then there is Mr. Rossi, Angelyn’s World Cultures teacher that says Angelyn is “one smart girl.” Angelyn hates teachers, but Mr. Rossi doesn’t act like a teacher…he’s more of a friend. But how friendly will Angelyn and Mr. Rossi become?
Opinion: The File on Angelyn Stark was a good read, but the title of the book left me confused. When I first started reading the book, I thought that a file of records would have a significant meaning in the book, but there never was a file. Although I was confused by the title, I liked the book and thought that Angelyn was an interesting character. I never knew what she would do next, which left for an exciting plot. However, the book was a little slow at some parts and, to me; the author took awhile to let you know some major events that would affect the plot. All in all, the book was a good read. I would recommend this book to girls 14 and above, due to some language and sexual content.

Contained profanity and sexual content. Also involved a student-teacher relationship.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 7
Reviewer Age: 14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Springfield, Ohio USA

Unto the Breach

Book Title: Unto the Breach
Author: Sidney Gale
ISBN: 9780557687640

Unto the Breach By: Sidney Gale

This book may not seem like something you would pick up at the library and read, but you definitely should. Sidney Gale offers us a story into which the readers quickly become interested.  While the rest of the students in their class attend a school-sponsored camping trip, three students, along with their teacher, decide instead on a boating trip around Lake Ontario.  When things go terribly wrong, three young kids fight to stay hopeful.  Will the boys make it back in time before their beloved teacher Mr. Benson goes to sleep with the fishes?   In this book, the story picks you up off your feet and into the life’s of these three kids. Unto the Breach by Sidney Gale is definitely a story any sailor, or non-sailor for that matter, will love.
Opinion: This book by Sidney Gale was awesome. The story honestly made me feel something, which is something that every author should want to achieve when writing.  Honestly, I can say that when I was reading this, I felt scared for the kids.   Sidney Gale has definitely achieved something in his writing. Unto the Breach could give a different feeling to  all of us, but to figure that out, first you’re going to have to prop up a chair and open Unto the Breach to find out.  You definitely should!


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 7
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: ENON, Ohio United States of America

Silver Zombie

Book Title: Silver Zombie
Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
ISBN: 9781439167816

Summary: Carole Nelson Douglas does a wonderful job at combining companionship, action, and a little romance to spice things up. Although this journey starts in Vegas, Delilah, her partner Ric, and her half wolfhound companion Quicksilver go to Kansas to learn more about Delilah's past. It doesn't take long before Delilah begins to realize trouble lies ahead of her. She is soon dealing with zombie cowboys, weather girl witches, and a Hollywood fanatic. Although all of the battles Delilah faces, she is forced to face her biggest fear yet. This yellow brick road trip seems to have taken a wrong turn.

Opinion: In my opinion, this book was alright, but not one of my favorites. It was very difficult for me to read. I really enjoy the basic idea of the plot, but the way the author uses states the sentences doesn't really draw you into the book fast enough. The first few pages get you going, but the following pages don't pull through for me.   The one thing I loved about the book is how the author combined companionship, Delilah and Quicksilver, Romance, Delilah and Ric, along with action throughout the story. Maybe it was because I have not read the earlier books in the series, but this book did not jump out at me.


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 4
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Enon, Ohio USA

Taken at Dusk by C.C Hunter

In the book Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter, Kylie thinks that now that she has gotten away from the sadistic vampire her life will get easier. Now she just has to figure out whatshe is. On top of that, she has two boys chasing after her. Lukas and Derek are both great for her , but how can she decide? Her newest ghost is an amnesia afflicted woman who can 't remember anything except that someone is going to die. Will Kylie s world come crashing down or will she learn to accept how she is?

This book was good. I didn't t likethat the book was written in third person. This made it somewhat hard to get engaged in the book. Overall, the characters were developed very well throughout the whole book. I would recommend this book to people who liked VampireAcademy, House of Night series, Hush, hush, Nightshade, Fallen and Hex Hall.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Northglenn, CO U.S.A.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Recently, I read the ethnic novel, Lovetorn, by Kavita Daswani. Times are tough for Shalini, a sixteen year old Indian girl freshly uprooted from her native country, India, to the United States, where her father now has a position in a nationwide company. Used to her extended family always surrounding her and the comfortable life she has always lived, Shalini is in for a rude awakening when she moves to Los Angeles, where her now-immediate family starts to slowly fall apart. Her mother, pining for her familiar Indian home, is slowly slipping into a state of depression.Shalini, on the other hand, is new to this way of life, and is shunned by what seems like herentire new school, just because she is different. Also, she is not only homesick for India and the shelteredlifestyle she once lived, but now is missing her fiance, Vikram, whom she has been betrothed to since her third birthday. She is constantly thinking of him until she meets Toby. Finding she is woefully attracted to the handsome yet radical flute player, Shalini is trapped between her duty and her desire for love. She had once believed she and Vikram were meant for each other, but Vikram has never made her feel the sensations she now experiences when she sees Toby. Just starting to fit in, Shalini is fearful that if anyone hears of her engagement even her new flame, Toby--she will be an outcast once more. Guilty about her infatuation with the swashbuckling soloist, Shalini does not know which way to turn. Suddenly there are just too many decisions to make.

"He was staring at me. I looked away to avoid his gaze. I was barely breathing. He felt so close, so touchable. The air between us felt heavy, unmoving."

I was really disappointed in this book. All you heard about was Toby. Shalini's obsession with him was maddening! The book actually started out good for the first fifty pages until Toby waltzed into the plot. Then it just kind of got into a pattern-- She likes Toby, then feels guilty that she doesn't love Vikram, she likes Toby, then she feels guilty about just goes on and on. I honestly had to motivate myself so I could get through the next chapter! It seemed like she had nothing better to do than sit in her room fantasizing about Toby. I really wish that the novel focused a little bit more on the other secondary characters and would hone in on their stories more. It was all about Shalini and of course, her knight in shining armor, Toby. One thing I really liked about this book was that it exceptionally portrayed the insecurities of a new student and the difficulty people have accepting new cultures or anyone who is not like them, for that matter.

"I glanced up and saw Sasha and Magali standing by the door, both staring straight at me, huddling close to each other and laughing."

I would recommend this book for ages eight and up, partly because of the vocabulary and partly because of the story plot, which would be difficult to follow for younger readers. I assure you there are no sexual situations in this book, and the content is sparkling clean.

This book is all about how hard it is to fit in, especially when people have a narrow mind when it comes to accepting different ethnic groups, just because they are not alike. Shalini tries to break through all these barriers, and then has the choice to try and forgive those who once tormented her. Trapped in between these two countries, will Shalini finally find her place in her strange new world?

Leopold, Missouri United States of America

Extraordinary by Adam Selzer

For Jennifer Van Der Berg, life totally and completely sucks. When Eileen Codlin wrote that book about her, that wasn't even close to the truth. Jennifer felt the need to set everyone straight and write the real version of her story. Eileen's story makes Jennifer out to be a fairy princess with a fairy godmother who helps Jen get her prince charming. Wrong! In reality, Jen is just an average girl with purple highlights and a horrible fairy godfather by the name of Gregory Grue. Soon, Jennifer's life starts to get all tangled up into one big knot as  more and more problems start to unfold. Can Jen set everything straight and save those she loves, or will the  bad guys get the final word?
Adam Selzer did an amazing job writing the novel Extraordinary. This story was the perfect mix of everything for fantasy: fairies, vampires, unicorns, romance, and lots and lots of purple! I hope Selzer writes another novel as intricate in details as this one was. While reading Jennifer's story, I felt everything she felt; that is how realistic Selzer's writing was. I recommend this book to ages twelve and above. I recommend this book to ages twelve and above.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Fresno, California USA

Nathan Dee: Search for the Tree of Life by R. Shalendra

Nathan Dee is an average, run of the mill school teacher, until he finds out that his father was the head of the ROSAA - Recovery Of Space Alien Artifacts. Nathan soon finds out that his father's  journal that he has in his possession is the key to the kingdom, the way to find the Tree of Life. Nathan is now face to face with friends, traitors, lovers, and even aliens. All in search of one thing, the Tree of Life. Follow this  adventure through the streets of Vancouver, helicopters in China, and the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. All this and more awaits you in Nathan Dee: The Search for the Tree of Life.

I personally didn't enjoy this book very much. It was pretty slow and at sometimes even confusing. Now, don't get me wrong, some parts of the book have my rapt attention and other times I just wanted to read so I could get it over with. The ending was really good though, it was the only reason I gave the book a review this high. I also found the book was full of grammatical errors. I hope it isn't finished being edited. If you have nothing else to read, only then would I suggest reading this book. Otherwise, I suggest reading something that makes sense and can hold your attention. :)

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Silver Spring, Maryland USA

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder

Cam is a typical 17 year old girl, except she has been fighting cancer for ten years.  When the doctors give up, her mom, in a last effort to save her oldest daughter s, takes her on a trip to a magical city in Maine. Cam who doesn' t believe in hope or miracles reluctantly follows. Even with miracles so close like the flamingos in Maine, purple dandelions, and sunsets that last for hours, Cam still won 't believe. But as she starts to believe in love, she also starts to change. She decides whether she can believe this place can save her or if miracles are for the naive.
I loved this book. It might have been Wendy Wunder s first novel, but you couldn' t tell. The Probability of Miracles is full of emotion. You 'll laugh. You' ll cry. I would warn, it uses a fair amount bad language and some scenes hint at adult things. I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in miracles.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Cibolo, Texas United States

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to Bordertown by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner

Terri Windling, Holly Black, and Ellen Kushner had their work cut out for them. Making a sequel to a classic is very difficult. Making a sequel that doesn't stink is even harder. What's hardest of all is making that non-stinking sequel thirteen years after the original was written.

With the help of some very talented authors, they actually pulled it off. To make this book, Windling, Black, and Kushner decided to pick authors who are famous, but also some that are not. They picked authors that had grown up reading the original Bordertown books, along with some of the authors who actually helped write those books. These three women have done it. They've recreated Bordertown. And they've done it pretty well.

WELCOME TO BORDERTOWN BY ELLEN KUSHNER AND TERRI WINDLING - When Jimmy's sister says she's running away, her parents don't believe her, but Jimmy does. And Jimmy knows where she's headed: Bordertown. After thirteen years of waiting for Trish to return, Jimmy sets off to find her. Only, it hasn't been thirteen years for Trish. It's only been thirteen days.

I have never read any of the original Bordertown books, but after reading this story I feel as if I have. It has well-written and well-thought-out characters that get into situations that will either make you scream with frustration or laugh with joy. Trish and Jimmy were pleasantly life-like and just so real that I loved their characters immediately. I was rooting for them throughout their trials and tribulations, hoping they'd survive.

SHANNON'S LAW BY CORY DOCTOROW - Shannon is a genius with very few friends. His only one is a young halfie named Jetfuel. Together, they plan to leak all the knowledge of the World Wide Web into the Bordertown Web. Will they succeed?

While Shannon is obviously a genius, I couldn't relate to him. I didn't like him in the slightest. Which, for me, is extremely odd since I am usually drawn to those who are smart; those who love knowledge as much as I do. And yet...I hated Shannon's character.

The plot of this story just stinks. It really does. Every page you turn you find yourself thinking, "Hey, when is this story going to end?" The writing style of this story is nearly as confusing as the plot and just as see-through and paper-thin as well.

CRUEL SISTER BY PATRICIA A. MCKILLIP - As the first poem in the book, it does nothing but impress. Short and yet very well thought out, McKillip is a genius with words.

A VOICE LIKE A HOLE BY CATHERYNNE M. VALENTE - When Fig runs away, she is only 15. She meets Maria, who can't possibly be older than herself. There is only one thing different about the two friends. Fig is perfectly healthy. Maria is on her deathbed.

This was a good story. Not as good as "Welcome to Bordertown," mind you, but still a good story. The characters were believable, and I actually felt like cheering them towards their goal.

STAIRS IN HER HAIR BY AMAL EL-MOHTAR - This was the second poem in the book. While it was  well written, it was not the best poem. I enjoyed it, however, and may be looking into other things written by this author.

INCUMABULUM BY EMMA BULL - He wakes with blood on his shirt. He finds that he's in Bordertown and he can't remember getting there, where he was before, or who he was before. Will he find out who he is and what he's doing in Bordertown?

This is my third  favorite story out of the entire book. The plot is amazing, and the characters are life-like. The only thing I didn't like about this story were the pages and pages of descriptions. If there had been less descriptions and more action I would have adored it.

RUN BACK ACROSS THE BORDER BY STEVEN BRUST - This poem sounds as if it was made to be put to music. Had it been made into a song, I would've loved it. In its current form it is too repetitive for my taste.

A PRINCE OF THIRTEEN DAYS BY ALAYA DAWN JOHNSON - Peya's sister is a fortune-teller. So she decides to tell Peya's fortune. She says that in thirteen days Peya will lose her virginity and fall in love. Will Peya believe this silly fortune, or will she choose not to?

This was the second worst story in the entire book. Peya and the other characters are paper-thin and unrealistic. The plot is just as ridiculous and juvenile as the characters.

THE SAGES OF ELSEWHERE BY WILL SHETTERLY - When Ron's bookstore gets an enchanted book he thinks nothing of it. Enchanted items come into Bordertown all the time. This book is special, however. It can talk.

I really loved this story. It is possibly my favorite story out of the entire book. The characters were well-rounded and believable, and the plot was original and exciting. The other thing I loved was that the author didn't waste pages and pages describing stuff that just didn't need to be described.

SOULJA GIRRRL (A LONG LINE RAP PIECE) BY JANE YOLEN - I really am not a fan of rap. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy this piece in the least bit. There was too much cursing and an underlying tone of a bad attitude for me to really enjoy this.

CROSSINGS BY JANNI LEE SIMMER - Miranda and Analise just want true love. But after crossing into Borderland and meeting vampires, werewolves, and elves, the girls are in more trouble then they've ever been.

While this story is about vampires and werewolves, I quite liked it. Though there were parts with gore and violence, this was an overall good read. The characters were well-rounded, and the situations they get into seemed real and were as believable as the characters.

FAIR TRADE BY SARAH RYAN AND DYLAN MECONIS - When Abby's dad gets thrown in jail the court forces her to move in with her mother. There's something the court doesn't know, however. Abby's mother lives in Bordertown.

This, being the only graphic novel in the book, was quite enjoyable.  When I didn't understand the dialogue, the pictures told the story. Speaking of that, the plot was original and was quite amazing. Overall, this story is an excellent addition to this book.

NIGHT SONG FOR A HALFIE BY JANE YOLEN - This poem is styled like a lullaby, and could easily be put to music. This is a lovely poem, and I found myself smiling at some of the ironic and silly verses.

OUR STARS, OUR SELVES BY TIM PRATT - When Allie runs away to Bordertown, she meets Alaunus. At first he seems nice, but soon his real colors show through. Is Alaunus danger or just plain annoying?

This is the one of the worst stories in the book. Not the worst, mind you. ONE of the worst. The plot doesn't exist, the characters aren't believable in the least, and every single page has profanities spewed upon it. I see why the editors included this story in the book, but it could've been written a whole lot better than it was.

THE WALL BY DELIA SHERMAN - This poem is interesting in two different ways. The first thing is that this is the only poem out of the entire book that doesn't rhyme. The second thing is that it is composed of descriptions of a wall. None of the descriptions match each other, and sometimes even contradict each other. This is a very pleasant poem, and I quite enjoyed reading it.

ELF BLOOD BY ANNETTE CURTIST KLAUSE - Lizzie is tired. She's tired of having to make sketches to pay for her next meal. Tired of drinking blood when she can't eat. Tired of living under the beaten-down shack that she calls "home". So, she works up a plan, but even she doesn't know if it will work, or if she'll live to see the results.

This is one of my favorite stories in this book. An amazing new twist on the traditional vampire story, this will keep you on the edge of your seat 'til you read the last page. The characters are life-like, relate-able, realistic, and believable.

A BORDERLAND JUMP-ROPE RHYME BY JANE YOLEN - As the title would suggest, this is a poem meant to be sung/said whilst jumping rope. It is quite fun, but nothing like any of the jump-rope rhymes I know.

THE SONG OF THE SONG BY NEIL GAIMAN - Without a proper meter, you can't have a poem. The meter in this poem is non-existent. The rhyme scheme is non-existent. Can it even be called a poem? In the first section of this poem, the rhyme scheme and meter are clearly there. But after that section there is no order what-so-ever.

If you can get past that issue, another one arises. There are four sections to this poem. You can only understand the first section! After that, it's run-on and unfinished sentences; not to mention words that seem to have been plucked from the sky and pasted onto the page at random.
Overall, this felt like a young child with no understanding of rhyme or meter had attempted poetry. And this thing was what it produced. I expected more out of an author like Neil Gaimon, and I am very disappointed.

OURS IS THE PRETTIEST BY NALO HOPKINSON - Damiana has made some bad choices in life. One of them was choosing to be friends with Gladstone and Beti. At the biggest party in Bordertown, they all show up. Will Damaina make it through the party alive?

This was the worst story out of the entire book. Yes. Even worse than A Prince of Thirteen Days . The characters were so flat and unrealistic that I truthfully didn't care whether they lived or died. The writing style was confusing, and by the end of this story I had more questions than answers. Speaking of writing, the plot is heinous. Here is the summary:
The three main characters get drunk. They hook up with people of the same-sex (and by hook up, that DOES include multiple scenes of making out and even more scenes of sex). The main characters dump the sex-toys (and if they don't do that fast enough, the people end up dumping the main characters). Then the cycle starts over again. And again. And again! In short, this story is awful, and I saw no reason at all to include it in this book.

WE DO NOT COME IN PEACE BY CHRISTOPHET BATZAK - Marius has a problem. He's in love with Mouse. But Mouse doesn't love him back. Mouse only cares about the war and fighting in it. Will Marius tell Mouse how he feels, or live alone for the rest of his life?

This story isn't very good. It's not awful, but it's not good either. The plot itself is original, and quite interesting. The character development was average, but still believable. Technically speaking, this had all the makings of a great story. The execution of it, however, was extremely lacking in many areas.

THE ROWAN GENTLEMAN BY HOLLY BLACK AND CASSANDRA CLARE - Ashley is living her dream. She gets to act at the only theater in Bordertown and loves doing it. She's been working there for months, and nothing bad has happened yet. Well, nothing bad happened until Lydia showed up nearly dead during one of their rehearsals. Will Ashley be able to find out who harmed Lydia, or will the perpetrator get to her first?

This is a very good story. The characters are well-rounded and realistic, the plot is suspenseful and clever, and there isn't a curse word in this piece (which is more than I can say about every other story in this book). I had my expectations set high, and I was not disappointed. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black do nothing but impress in this awesome short story.

A TANGLE OF GREEN MEN BY CHARLES DE LINT - When Joey meets the love of his life he promises to protect her.  But that's a promise he will regret making; for even Joey can't stop death.

This was the perfect story to end the book with.  I empathized with the characters and enjoyed following their journey.  They were so realistic they practically leaped off the pages.  The plot was amazing and well-thought-out.  I am looking forward to reading more from this author. 

While this compilation had a couple of great stories in it, there were quite a few awful ones as well.  I was disappointed in the over-the-top usage of unnecessary profanities.  There is also a ton of drug usage and even more sexual stories and suggestive elements.  What ever happened to a well-written story for the story's sake and not the shock elements.

As I've already stated, there is over-the-top usage of unnecessary profanities, a ton of drug usage, and even more sexual and suggestive elements. There are also quite a few gay and lesbian couples that made out, had sex, and did other stuff as well.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Yucaipa, California USA

Friday, February 10, 2012

The White Zone

This book takes place in Iraq and features cousins, and best friends, Talib and Nouri. Nouri's world turns upside down when his uncle is killed in a Sunni bombing. Nouri's whole family is Shiite, but Talib is half Sunni. As far as Nouri is concerned, this is Talib's fault. As the book progresses, trust is lost between the two. Talib is faced with the hardships of being Sunni. He is excluded from the Shiite side of his family, and even kicked out of school. Nouri is quickly losing his best friend. By the end, rage has spread all through Iraq against the Sunnis. Can the tension be resolved without war?
To be honest, I found that this book was lacking excitement. Although there were a couple interesting events, the writing itself was a little bland. It was very realistic, although it was rather predictable. I did find it easy to relate to the characters. The author nicely described how the way they were feeling throughout the book. The book was a little bit hard to follow with the Arabic words thrown in here and there, but I did learn a good bit about the Muslim culture. Things like facing Mecca while praying or praying at the Muzzein's call gave me insight on a different way of life. Over all, this book gave a good message. I can't say I would recommend it to most people, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Sterling, Virginia United States

Blackdaw Cottage

Summary: Three young and adventurous children are outside playing when they decide to go wandering out into the forest to find BlackDaw Cottage. The children had heard many stories about the infamous Bentley who lived in the cottage out in the forest. Little did they know there would be a blizzard and they would be forced to stay with the mysterious old recluse. Bentley shares with them the story of Ivan and Gertrude and the children grow fond of the man they had once thought to be the devil. They learn that even though there have been numerous rumors about him, he is actually a caring man who helped them out in their time of need.
Opinion: Although the plot sounded like an interesting book to read, I didn't feel any connection to the characters; they were not people I could relate to. The book was way over-detailed and many parts dragged on for way too long. I felt like the ways the characters reacted to some situations were not realistic. Overall, I felt the book was dull, and hard to get through. I would not recommend this book to others.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rae of Hope (eBook) by W.J. May

All Rae Kerrigan remembers about her parents is the suspicious fire that killed them. She moved from her home in England to New York with her uncle, and never questioned her family's history.  But when a super elite, super-secret Guilder Boarding School in England seeks her out, she finds out there might be more to her parents than she could have ever imagined.  For one thing, everyone in this school is special -- they all get inked with a special tattoo (called a tat) on their sixteenth birthday that gives them supernatural powers.  For another thing, she finds out that both her parents were inked.  And for one more thing, her dad was some evil guy trying to use his power to control the world.  Can Rae prove to the school that she is not the same person her father was? Can she even convince herself? Is there a ray of hope in her life?

I absolutely loved this book!  It's not vampires, wizards, werewolves, or any of that other stuff that's so overdone now -- it's totally unique!  Definitely a page turner, I loved finding out more about everyone's tats and especially Rae's and how she learned to use it.  The ending is great but unexpected. I heard that there will be a sequel to this book and I am so excited to read it!  This was a really amazing book, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy like Twilight or Harry Potter but wants something new. This book included mystery, magic, romance, and hot guys! I could definitely see it being an amazing movie.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Gearhart, Oregon United States

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wicked Circle by Linda Robertson

Persephone Alcmedi is back and in more trouble than ever. Heldridge has escaped from Menessos's prisons, and he is on his way to reveal a very dangerous secret. Along with attempting to stop Heldridge, Seph is trying to support Johnny as he reveals himself to all waeres as the Domn Lup. With everyone vying for attention, Persephone goes through her largest struggles yet, worried about those around her. Can she manage to fix all the problems before it's too late, or will she go down with everyone else?

Seph is back in the fifth installment of the Persephone Alcmedi books, Wicked Circle. Linda Robertson has written another fantastic book about Persephone's struggles as the Lustrata. There were periods in the book where I felt like I was witnessing what actually happened. The imagery Robertson inserted into the book was very vivid, and it was some of her best work for this series. This book was full of romance, adventure, mystery, and suspense. By the way the book ended, I can only assume that there is to be a sixth book, and I know if there is, it is going to be just as great if not better than the others. I would recommend this book to mature high school readers.

There is some sexual innuendo and sex scenes in the book. They can get pretty descriptive.
Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Fresno, California USA

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Blizzard by Marty Martins

Blizzard Review
    This book is about a teenage boy named Chet Bucek. His dad is in the military, so his family moves a lot.  They end up in Rockford, Illinois. That is where Chet meets Melanie, and is instantly smitten. She rejects his advances, but when classmate Tommy Schmidt tries to abuse her, she runs away and falls into an icy river, only to be saved by Chet. He rescues her and takes her to his cabin. They have to sleep in the buff to keep warm, and when Melanie's dad finds them in just their underwear he jumps to conclusions. Chet is accused of rape and put in jail. Will his named be cleared? You'll have to read the book to find out!   
Blizzard Opinion
    I highly enjoyed reading the blizzard. It has strong, well-rounded characters and is a San Diego bronze award winner. This, combined with an unlikely real-life scenario is a recipe for a great book. The book sometimes divides into little subjects that focus on a particular character, so you get interesting snapshots of that character's emotions, thoughts, and life. My only complaint is that if this was a movie it would be rated R. The whole book is about an innocent boy accused of rape. Do I have to say any more? Anyway, if you can get pass that stuff, it has a good plot. I would recommend it for ADULTS ONLY!
This book has some very graphic scenes.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Rockford, Michigan United States

Monday, February 06, 2012

Dungeon Crawlers Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 by , Stefan U. G. Leblanc

The world is not what it was thousands of years ago. Magic is all but forgotten and technology rules in it's place. But one artifact from ancient times will start an adventure that will change the lives of three people forever. Join Lars, Izlude, and Marina as they travel across the world to obtain the pieces of a map that was thought to be nonexistent. This trio must face many dangers if they are to complete their map. Follow these rising stars as the begin their quest to find The Crystal of Immortality!

Perfect, simply perfect. The author has expertly crafted a story to be remembered. Just the setting is enough to draw readers to this tale. It captures what I have always wanted to see in a book, ancient times of swords and magic colliding with a future of advanced technology. Anyone could enjoy this book. I can't wait to read what happens next in the Dungeon Crawlers series.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, Texas United States

Conspiracy 365: October by Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365 October by Gabrielle Lord is about a teenager named Cal who is trying to find a treasure his ancestors have kept hidden for generations. Cal is wanted by the police, and many different people are trying to get the reward for delivering him. His friends Winter and Boges help him. Winter is trying to solve the mystery of her parent s death, as well. They think a rival enemy named Oriana de la Force has the next clue to the treasure in Zrich Bank. They find a way to get her fingerprint then make a copy of it. They try to get her PIN code and create disguises of her and her bodyguard to break in and get the clue.

I thought this book is a great story with a great pace. I liked how they left you hanging at the end of the book. It really explained how the characters felt. When it explained things, it provided just the right amount of information so that you understand but are not bored. This book has great supporting details so you can understand what the characters feel. The only part I didn' t like is how it didn' t tell much about Cal' s family.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Overland Park, Kansas USA

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wild Life

       Wild Life by Cynthia DeFelice is a book about a boy named Erik. Erik is preparing for his very first hunting trip, when he learns that his parents are being deployed to Iraq. Then Erik is shipped off to live with his grandparents, Oma and Big Darrell. When Erik finds a dog he later names Quill, he can t bear to be separated from her. When Big Darrell says Erik can t keep her, Erik runs away, taking the dog and his uncle Dan's hunting boots, camouflage jacket, gun, and a few boxes of shotgun shells.
       I think this book was exciting. I would have to say my favorite character would be Quill. Even though she's a dog, she acts like a human and is very loyal. She is very smart and is really strong. The thing I like the most is her will to help Erik survive. I wish I could have a dog like that. I would recommend this book for ages 11-14. I hope you will like it as much as I did.
Reviewer Age:11
Leopold, Mo United States

Artemisia of Caria by Shirin Yim Bridges

A long time ago, in Ancient Greece, when women couldn’t even leave the house, a girl named Artemisia led war ships to battle. When other women would knit and cook, Artemisia would sink enemy ships and call out orders to male soldiers. When women weren’t even considered citizens, Artemisia was the only person the Emperor trusted. Learn about her food, clothing, and life in Artemisia of Caria. This book will make girls and women around the world more powerful than ever.

This book was really entertaining. It’s always bothered me that a long time ago women were treated badly. This book really shows how women can be just as good (or maybe better )than men. I love how the author didn’t just teach me about Artemisia, but also about some Ancient Greek customs. I was really pulled into the story when the author described the wars Artemisia was in and all the scary things that happened to her. Now, after reading that book, my life motto is, ”Fight like a girl.” I would recommend this book to all girls who are tired of hearing boys say they are better than them.

Rating:  10
Conent:  1
Reviewer Age: 9
Reviewer City, State and Country: Charlotte, North Carolina United States

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Changing My Wardrobe (eBook) by Deb Hanrahan

Lindsey is lokking for a new start after a not so fabulous junior high expierience. And to do that all she needs is a new wardrobe. With her good friends Teeny and Grouper at her side Lindsey will take on high school, with its pros- like Marco Marino- and its cons- like old enemy Avery. Can she help her best friends find happiness? Can she find her own? And will they be able to high school?
At first when I began reading this book I presumed that it would be a feel-good romance, that would be sweet and cute. That is why the tragic ending threw me for a loop. The writing was okay, but lacking in detail. The details that were there, though, were very realistic. Towards the middle it got much better; I could not even put it down, and was quite engrossed in it. I was excited for the adorable ending, and was majorly dissapointed when it did not come. The ending, although not what i was hoping for, was very unpeedictable, and made the characters extremely real to me. It was not the sweet ending I would have liked, but it did have a bittersweet quality that left me in tears. The best part was the authors stunning taste in music, which added some joy to my reading expirience. It wasn't for me, but I am sure that there are plenty of people who would like it.
language, and teenage content (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Colorado Springs, Colorado United States

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

   You Have Seven Messages is an amazing story of discovery. It is about a girl that loses her mom in a tragic and mysterious accident. Sometimes when someone loses a person they love, they will go searching, trying to find any remnant that may be left of that person. That may mean searching through their belongings. It might mean talking to people who knew them. It could even be as simple as visiting places that were important to them. It is all done for one purpose- to hold on to anything that is left of that person. For Luna, this searching brought up a part of her mother s life that had been completely hidden from her.
I absolutely LOVED this story. I have never read anything like it! It was mysterious, dramatic, and suspenseful all at the same time. It really made me feel so many different emotions. Mr. Lewis did a great job showing how desperately Luna needed to find the truth. This story was also a good example of how when we love someone we have to accept that they aren t perfect and love them for who they really are. I would definitely recommend this book.
Adultery is a dominant theme in this story and there are references to homosexuality although neither are graphic.  There are also a few scenes where characters are drinking. These topics may be undesirable for some readers.
Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Alton, MO USA

Empire of Ruins: The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

Modo is a fourteen year old secret agent, with incredible abilities, working for British intelligence.   He is sent on a mission to find the god face, an ancient artifact, currently held by Australian tribes in the deep Australian jungle.  An old enemy of Modo s, the clockwork guild, is looking for the god face as well.  What follows is a race against each other, including an air battle and a surprising discovery, with the consequences of loss, death, chaos and destruction.
This is only an average book, but still has a way of holding your attention with well-spaced action sequences.  Modo is a good character, with a fully developed personality, but some of the secondary characters aren' t as good, with less developed personalities. The plot is only somewhat well-thought through and needs some revising, but all in all this is a fairly good book.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: philadelphia, PA United States

Fox and Phoenix by Beth Bernobich

Fox and Phoenix by Beth Bernobich occured in a magical, fantastical version of Asia, in Long City and the Phoenix Empire. In this novel, Kai and his best friend Yun are going to get the princess of Long City, Lian, and take her to her dying father. She is studying in the Phoenix Empire where the Emperor is preventing her from recieving the information of her father's worsening condition to get the control of Long City.
The book has great, vivid details that make it easily imaginable. Although it was slow at first, the pace picked up and it became quite a page-turner. The characters were also easy to relate to and were enjoyable to read about. Fox and Phoenix is a book I would recommend though don't be surprised if it's a bit young.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mendon, Vermont United States of America

Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls by Wendelin Van Draanen

Sammey Keyes and the Night of the Living dead is the fourteenth book in the Sammey Keyes mystery series. Sammy is an eighth grade girl who, along with having the regular problems of a teenager, is constantly getting caught up in crimes. This time, she and her friends bump into a man in a graveyard on Halloween, and accidentally end up with the sack he was carrying. The discovery of two skulls inside, and more suspicious activity around the graveyard, leads Sammy to think she can find out why people in Santa Monica have been going missing. Hopefully she can figure out what is going on... before someone else disappears!
Sammey Keyes and the Night of the Living Dead was an excellent addition to the Sammy Keyes series. The main characters were every bit as interesting as in the previous books, and the new ones were unique and well-described. The inclusion of Sammy's family and school problems, as well as the interesting relationships she has with the Acosta family, gives Sammy many different sides and makes her easy to like. The book being told in Sammy's casual, down to earth tone really involves the reader in the story, with plenty of clues to be found in Sammy's sharp thinking. The plot is fast and creative, with many twists and sub-plots that are fun and easy to follow.  I would recommend this book to any child or young teenager that likes mystery, humor and adventure.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Harleysville, Pennsylvania USA

Lexie by Audrey Couloumbis

In the novel Lexie, by Newberry Honor Winning Author, Audrey Couloumbis, Lexie is going through some tough times.  Daddy and Mommy just went through a divorce, so this summer, Lexie is going to the shore with only Daddy; sort of.  Daddy invited his girlfriend, Vicky, without telling Lexie.  Lexie doesn t like Vicky s children at first.  It s obvious why.  Ben is a moody teenager, and Harris is a three year old that thinks he is a truck.  In this novel, Audrey Couloumbis  is trying to say that if you really get to know someone, you ll end up liking them.  First impressions are important, but you need to give them a chance.
 In my opinion, this novel was pretty good.  There were some spots where I got bored though.  The descriptions that the author adds are enough to give you the picture, without overwhelming you.   The setting was well planned out; at points I felt like I was actually there.  Also, the characters in this story were good people.  At times they were a little boring, but sometimes the things that they did made me giggle. I really do  believe in them as people; I think that if the characters were different, I wouldn't enjoy the book as much.  The authors voice is of the main character; a ten year old girl.  I feel like that's a thoughtful way to write.  One thing that bugged me though, was that Lexie kept calling her parents Mommy and Daddy.  Also, the details that the author needed to add, didn't make any sense for a kid to be saying, or thinking about.  The story ended well, but I wanted just a chapter more.  Over all, this book was a great easy read.  I recommend it to many other young teens.  Audrey Couloumbis is a fantastic author.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mendon, Vemont USA'%20Room

  Rumors From the Boys' Room, by Rose Cooper, is about Sofia Becker and her blog. This year, though, she isn't just blogging about what she hears in the Girls' Bathroom, she is also blogging about what she sees and/or hears near the Boys' Bathroom. She also reports on conversations overheard in the hallways. The big news of the story is that there is an exchange student coming to their school. Sofia hears to teachers talking about it, so she blogs about it to tell the whole world (well, at least, the whole middle school). Unfortunately, though, Sofia states the wrong country from which the exchange student is coming from. Sofia and her best friend, Nona, are trying to get Nona and Lukas, the exchange student, together, and they are also trying to fend off the popular crowd, but it is not working so well. Mia, Sofia's bow-wearing archenemy, has attempted to steal Nona away from her. And during all this, things at Sofia's house aren't going that well, either. Her mom is always sleeping or complaining because she is pregnant, but Sofia states that her mom isn't the only one getting the heat from the mood swings. Will Sofia get Nona and Lukas together? Will the popular crowd back down? Will Sofia's mom ever have this baby so she stops having so many mood swings? You'll have to read and find out
I thought this book was pretty good! It was a short but entertaining read. It was also funny, and provided lots of interesting illustrations to go along with the Journal and Blog entries. This is a cute book, and if you're looking for a quick and easy read, this is the perfect book for you. I definitely would recommend this book to girls, because it is more of a girly book, so to speak. All in all, this was a good book!

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Hopkins, Michigan USA

Angel In My Pocket by Ilene Cooper

The book Angel In My Pocket was a fun tale about a girl named Bette who lives with her father and older sister Barbra. Bette goes to a magnet school that studies preforming art. Before Bette's mother died, she would always sing but now she is too depressed to sing any more. One day she and her sister find a rare angel coin and soon Bette's life changes. She meets new friends and finds the courage to sing again. Soon the angel coin ends up in the hands of some of Bette's close friends and their lives change for the better as well. Is there really magic in this one angel coin?
I found the book to start out slow but become more interesting as is progessed. The first chapter was a bit wordy when discribing Bette's past and family, but it turned into an adventure after a couple of chapters. It wasn't one of my favorite books to read and took some time to get into but it turned out to be my kind of book in the end. I recommend to book to people who can get into any reading and people who enjoy realistic fiction. After reading this, I started to belive in angels too.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Laurel, Maryland United States

Snakes and other Reptiles by Mary Pope Osborne

Dear readers, Snakes and Other Reptiles is a nice little book
and was just what I was looking for! It's purpose is to inform
and educate the reader on reptiles. I learned lots of things
about reptiles such as the skin of a snake being made of
keratin, just like our fingernails. In addition, although you
may have heard of the Black Mamba, but did you know it has
enough venom do kill twenty people or even a cow? Another
snake is the Mozambique snake. This snake can spit venom and
even cause blindness. Snakes and Other Reptiles is my favorite
book yet!
I have a very high opinion of this book. This
book is all about reptiles, and I had fun learning about them.
I would recommend this book to whoever likes learning about
reptiles and I really got a kick out of the book. I even read
how the roadrunner kills snakes by hitting them against the
sand. So if you like learning about reptiles I would recommend
you read the book.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State
and Country: Sterling, virginia USA