Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dark Inside by Jeyn Robert

An ever-growing disease has plagued the world. Friends turning on friends, parents killing children. For those who have survived the brutal earthquakes and the killings, the world is a different, more dangerous place. Four teens, Mason, Michael, Clementine, and Aries, attempt to stay alive in this new place they call Earth, surviving random attacks by Baggers and trying to find shelter while asking themselves the most important question, who can you trust?

I personally loved this book. My favorite character would have to be either Clementine, who fought to seek out her brother, or Aries, whom I can relate to greatly. The only part I found confusing was the very end. I found it to be rushed. I really loved the danger of all the situations, not knowing who to trust. And I really liked the scene with Twiggy and Michael. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loved a good scary story.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Inman, SC USA

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell

It's been eight years since the Assembly (an alien race) took over Earth and captured all the adult population. Eight years that Holt Hawkins has spent as a bounty hunter in a world ruled by rebel youths. Holt is transporting his latest prisoner, Mira, to the Midnight City to collect his reward when the two come across a crashed Assembly ship with a young girl named Zoey trapped inside. Together, they rescue Zoey and soon discover her magical abilities that could stop the Assembly for good. The three embark on a treacherous journey across the barren wasteland they once called home, fighting for their own lives as well as each others'.

Midnight City is an amazing book. In the beginning, you don't really know how Earth was captured, but you know enough to be able to read and enjoy the book and learn more as the book goes on. The author reveals the right amount of information throughout the book, otherwise there would be a whole history section that wasn't needed. The book is fast-paced and never boring. Once I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down. The characters were original and intriguing because each had their own mysteries and backgrounds that you had to read to find out about. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action/sci-fi books with a little romance thrown in.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Brownsburg, Indiana United States of America

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spark-The Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer

"With a spark and a flicker, it flared to life" (305). Gabriel Merrick plays with fire, but that does not mean that he is able to control it completely. Gabriel is accused of an arson attack and even his family does no t believe that he i s innocent. Only the shy, intelligent girl named Layne Forrest believes in his innocence. Gabriel' s power is something that he has to hide, but when Layne is in trouble, he is forced to reveal his true identity.

This book is very engaging. The characters ' powers are amazing, and their actions are real. I could imagine these characters in real life and could see them experiencing all sorts of trouble. The book is also funny and romantic, with a main character that has an interesting aura, both intense and exciting. Gabriel is strong, but he keeps his feelings to himself and keeps secrets from his family. I sometimes pitied him. After a couple of chapters, I could barely put down the book. I learned that you do no t have to be perfect to be a hero, and if you are determined, you can do anything. Since the book contains many swears, it is for those who are at least in high school.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Citadels of the Lost by Tracy Hickman

Drakis and his friends narrowly escape from a skirmish with dragons (which aren't supposed to exist) to find themselves in a land they know nothing about.  They met the dragons when running away from an elven estate whose Aether Well (a source of powerful magic) they destroyed.  The group discovers underground caverns, abandoned cities, drakoneti (devilish half-human, half-dragon beasts),and startling secrets about each other.  Eventually, they meet a tribe living in this strange wilderness, and learn they must travel to the Citaldels in the lost city of Chelesta.  There they must reverse a Font (another name for an Aether Well) so the magic can flow out into the surrounding lands by completing the Font with a hidden Key.  The magic will repair the ruins of the civilizations of those who lived in the wilderness.  However, a conniving dragon seeks to keep the Aether trapped within the Font.  Drakis must fight through his troubled emotions to prevail against the rebel dragon and accept terrible truths.

This book was quite interesting.  The beginning was slow, as I have not read the first book in the series, but after a few chapters, I grew accustomed to the characters personalities, and found the book much more enjoyable.  At that point, I found it hard to put down. My favorite characters were the Lyric, who has the ability to become any character from their world's folktales.  She was also funny because the other characters would often get confused trying to figure out who she was at a certain time.  The two varieties of magic, Aether and Aer, were unique and intriguing, since Aether is a simply very condensed version of Aer.  This is a good book for people experienced in unraveling intricate plots and comprehending complex ideas.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Lake City, IA USA

May Magic

Whose mom just visited the hypnotist and is now acting

like a duck? It is Bradley and Brian's mom in the book,

May Magic, by Ron Roy. This book is one of the Calendar

Mystery books. Bradley and Brian took their mom to see

Hypo the Hypnotist and now they think she has been

hypnotized into thinking she is a duck. She is quacking

like a duck, splashing in her bathtub, poured corn around

the house, and wanted to play in the rain. More than

anything the boys wanted their real mom back and wanted to

get rid of the duck silliness.

I really liked this book. It was interesting and funny

at the same time. It was a fun mystery to read. I wanted

to know what was going on with their mom as much as the

boys did. The ending really did surprise me. I would

recommend this book to students in second and third grade.

It is a good book for kids just starting to read chapter



Jackson, MO USA

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oreo by Valerique Williams

Jayenia, a fourteen year old African American girl, is confused about who she is and who she thinks she is expected to be. She feels alone and and struggles with race issues internally and externally. Through the stress of starting high school and not being excepted by peers, Oreo shares what many African Americans go through in fitting in racially and socially, and the mental struggles they face about themselves.
In the beginning, Jayenia annoyed me. Her story felt slightly gloomy, and she is always in a bad mood. I kept reading, mostly because I could easily relate to her character, and that made the story worthwhile. Jayenia is shy, stubborn, and easily irritated. She doesn 't like loud, crazy parties, and worries constantly that people think she is stuck up, because of her personality, to which I can relate immensely!
She questions who her friends are, who she is, and if her family understands her.
The writing was like a first draft, peppered with grammatical errors.  It read okay, but was a bit distracting. The character kept me reading.
The subject matter was really interesting to read because of how Jayenia struggles with being called an Oreo (too black on the outside to be white,and too white on the inside to be black) and who she thinks she is supposed to be. She wants to be accepted for who she is, the only problem is that she s not always sure who that may be.
The ending was frustrating, as it didn t seem to wrap it all up.. but was also appealing because that is how life is. I would be anxious and happy to hear of a sequel!
There was some mild rude humor, and mild sexual references.
Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Sandy, Oregon United States

2108: Eyes Open (eBook) by K.L. Glanville

When Jewel Peara met Forge, an alien bionic, she knew there would be trouble.  In the year 2108, the world is under the control of alien overseers, and their bionic followers.  Only in New Zealand, where Jewel and the other naturals live, are they safe from the alien influence.  However, as Jewel gets to know and falls for Forge, the threat of war keeps their relationship at a futuristic Romeo and Juliet scenario.  With the bionics spying from the bay, and their withholding of plastic (a necessary material to the naturals), Jewel and Forge must keep their relationship a secret, while knowing the other could betray them at any time.
After reading the first few pages of this book, I expected it to be a science fiction dystopian society book, such as 1984 or Fahrenheit 451.  Instead, I was surprised with a futuristic alien version of Romeo and Juliet, where Jewel and Forge are kept apart by their species/governments.  I thought this book had a good basic plot line, with many random twists, but overall this book was not what I expected.  The ending as well felt quite sudden and did not seem to solve most of the problems, probably leaving room for a sequel.  Overall this book would probably be enjoyed by any tween girl who would like a new spin on an old idea, however, this will not be one of my favorite books.
Slight suggestive themes.
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Cypress, California USA

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a suspenseful Sci-fi novel. In the future people will do anything to escape to a virtual game world,OASIS, where everyone is who they aren't. One young teenager, Wade Watts, is an ordinary lower class boy. All he is trying to do is get through life. When he discovers the first gate in a contest in OASIS everyone suddenly knows who he is, some even want him dead. A big corporation by the name of IOI wants to get the prize that comes after the three gates and challenges are completed, of course they cheat and lie to do so. But in the end good prevails, and Wade even gets people to begin realizing the problems in the world, as well as getting them to begin to fix them.
Ready Player One was such a great book. It's plot was amazing and action packed. From death threats to intense gaming scenes, this book had almost anything you could think of, even love and friendship. The way the author makes you believe these characters are real is how he gives them real world conflicts and choices. Also this book throws the 80s era in there, such as things that were popular then, it makes you more aware of how our culture has changed and stayed the same. This book overall is too amazing to not read.
Contains sexual situations: masturbation.
Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Nampa, Idaho United States

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Signed by Zelda by Kate Feiffer

Young Lucy has moved to a new apartment. Signed by Zelda is about how Lucy 's life becomes intertwined with that of her upstairs neighbor as they try to find Nicky 's missing grandmother, Zelda. The only thing they have in common is their bird friend, Pigeon. Lucy is struggling to be accepted and taken seriously as a handwriting analyst. Nicky is trying to be accepted at home. He wants to have a good relationship with his insensitive father. When Nicky goes on a routine visit to Zelda 's, she is not there! The only clue is a handwritten note. Nicky, Lucy, and Pigeon must join forces to find Zelda. As they search and spy, Lucy and Nicky learn to understand each other as they each learn to deal with their lives and make difficult decisions.

This is a quirky book that is anything but predictable. I love the character of Pigeon. She is not treated as magical and amazing; she is just a normal character, and very believable.  She gives them an outlet for their problems, though she has problems of her own.  All the characters have distinct personalities and are far from perfect. Nicky 's father is also interesting. He is so caught up in himself that he forgets about everyone else. The book has many side plots, but it is fairly easy to read and flows well. The author writes about some serious things, but the story has many fun and funny parts. Signed by Zelda is moving, interesting, and unique.  I highly recommend it.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Calhoun, GA USA

Monday, July 09, 2012

The New Kid

The New Kid by Mavis Jukes was not the book I thought it would be. The New Kid is about a boy named Carson. He is a new kid at a school named Valley Oak Elementary. It was different from his old school of Rainbow Ridge. For one thing Valley Oak Elementary was a large public school that required students to wear uniforms. His old school was a very small private school that allowed students to wear jeans and T shirts. One interesting thing to Carson was that his new school had a pet rat named, Mr. Nibblenose. At one point in this book Carson loses his beloved stuffed animal Moose at school. Another time he and his classmates plan a camp out but end up having to go inside because of the rain. Another time Carson sets a bird free with a girl from his class and her mom.
If you are looking for adventure or suspense this is not the book for you. This book talks about Carson's relationships with family and friends. This book had no real conflict or problems that needed the character's attention. It had no mysteries that needed to be solved. A lost stuffed animal doesn't count as a mystery. The only part I thought was interesting was when Carson took home the class pet and found out that Mr. Nibblenose really should be named Mrs. Nibblenose. She had pups while Carson had the rat at his home. This book is written for students younger than third grade but it looks like it is for older students because it is a thick book. Students who are just learning to read may not like such a long book. Students who can handle the amount of text won't like the story very much. The only thing that kept me reading was that I thought the book might get better. I was disappointed.
Age 9  Jackson, MO USA

The Power of Powers:Volume One of the Huaxia Journals(eBook) by Lon Dee

A boy named Monkey and his sister Orchid come to Dunhuang, China. While Orchid is exploring she finds a tunnel .The siblings go into the tunnel and are transported back three thousand years to a place called Huanbei .They meet a little girl named Sparrow whose parents got killed by King Di Xin . Sparrow finds a shard that can make whoever is holding it obtain the five powers of wind,  rain, fire, mountain, and river. The powers can stop a war.

This book was a very slow read. It took me a long time to finish. The book picked up but the story didn’t seem to get any better. I didn’t like this book because it jumped around a lot and was hard to follow. I don’t recommend this book.

Rating: 5
Content Rating: 1
Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Glen Burnie, MD USA

Double or Nothing by Dennis Foon

In the book "Double or Nothing" by Dennis Foon, Kip is a clever seventeen year old in high school who enjoys casual gambling. He bets on small, everyday activities like whether or not his teacher, Mr. Cheeseman, will belch within 20 seconds after making the bet. He uses his talents in gambling to get money to save for college. One day, he meets the girl of his dreams whose father happens to be a famous magician. He and King, the magician, go to large venues such as casinos and horse races to bet large amounts of money. Though Kip gets caught up in the excitement and glamor of betting large amounts of money, he starts becoming addicted, later leading to dipping into his college fund for more money to gamble on. Will Kip learn his lesson or will he become absorbed by his addiction to gambling?
This book had a clear message, that dishonesty won't get anyone anywhere.
When we are first introduced to Kip, he appears as a clever young man who bet on things for fun with a small amount of money at stake. He was not addicted to gambling, nor had he ever planned on being addicted. What little money he did make from gambling, he put straight into his college fund. He had plans to go to college and be well off once he grew up. When Kip first begins to lose money on larger bets, he started lying to his girlfriend, friends, and mom about gambling. It soon became all he thought about and it got so bad that he nearly cleaned himself out, and has to work his way back up. His girlfriend broke up with him, he lost the majority of his friends, and his family was not happy with how his grade slipped from skipping school to go to casinos.
I found the writing style somewhat average, it was a simple, quick, and easy read.
I personally thought the book had a nice message, but I didn't connect with the story or the characters. This is a good book for anyone looking for a quick read.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Spring City, PA United States of America

The Seer and The Scribe by G.M. Dyrek

The book I read was The Seer and The Scribe by G.M. Dyrek.  This book was the tale of Volmar and Hildegard.  The book takes place in the Middle Ages in a monastery.  Volmar, a young monk, meets Hildegard there when he sees her dancing with someone who is not there.  Curious, Volmar approaches the girl to inquire what it is that she is doing.  We soon learn that Hildegard has the ability to see deceased people and communicate with them.  When a murder happens at the monastery, Volmar discovers a plan to steal the Spear of Destiny.  The spear is rumored to haunt anyone who takes its power for their own. 
I did not enjoy this book.  The main reason is just that I didn't understand a lot of what was going on.  It took me two months to read it and I went as fast as I could.  Because the book took place so long ago, I felt like I wasn't really understanding what was going on.  I probably should have become more familiar with the Middle Ages before reading this book.  I was highly disappointed with this book and would not recommend it.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Tipp City, Ohio United States

Delta Legend (eBook) by Kelan O'Connell

In Delta Legends by Kellan O 'Connell, Oakland teen Calvin gets into some trouble so his mom sends him to northern California to live with his great uncle.  When he gets there, his uncle puts him to work fixing up boats to keep him busy. The place he s at is a small riverside fishing town. Calvin 's experience gives him some better friends than he had previously; he also learns to make better life decisions.
As a  new reviewer, this was a great first read and I really enjoyed the process of reading and reviewing Delta Legends. It was an electrifying read and a struggle to put down. Calvin' s experience in the small town teaches him such a good lesson that I believe that many youth could use this lesson to better improve their behavior, and as a reader I enjoyed learning about the environmental problems such as the river systems in California. The book's themes are timeless; I would recommend this book to readers ten generations from now. Kellan O 'Connell did a fantastic job researching the background information as well reaching out to teens.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Columbus, Indiana USA

Tesania (eBook) by Grant E Brazell

   Tesania is just the teenage daughter of a blacksmith in her small village. All that changes when a troop of beasts massacre her village and kill her parents. Now she's a teen with a mission: to kill Tyrannth, the evil mage in charge of the beasts. Along the way Tesania meets Deavon, a ranger who is willing to help her get revenge. Together they assemble a band consisting of the ranger Aldan, The soldiers Giddy and Raim, The mages Nasha and Elddyn, Tean the monk, and Kailyn the maid. All of them make the hard journey through the mountains to Tyrannth's keep. But will it be worth the struggle? Or will it all end in the keep before they even have a chance?
    This book is among the best I have ever read. Tesania is so normal it's really easy to see yourself as her. She 's just like you and me (except for, you know, living in a medieval time period) only she's in extreme circumstances. Later in the book you find out she's not as normal as she seems, but it doesn't matter anymore because you're already seeing from her point of view, feeling her pain. As for Tyrannth and his keep, at first he seems so unreachable, completely invincible. But as the group gets closer they begin to see the cracks and the holes in Tyrannth's keep, his plan for taking over, and Tyrannth himself. It really shows how nothing is invincible and nothing lasts forever. My favorite thing about this book though, is that the good side is far from perfect as well. The people in the capital city are petty, the heads of the rangers, the soldiers, the mages, and the monks fight among themselves and the King lets over half the people in Rilmir City starve. It s not just the classic battle of good versus evil. I'd recommend this book to fantasy lovers of all ages.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Rockwell City, IA USA

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

After Becca Chandler saves Chris Merrick from getting beat up, she is thrown into a world that she would have never expected. Becca soon finds out that Chris and his three brothers can control each of the elements(fire, earth, water, and air). But the horrible part is that Chris and his brothers are targeted to be killed by a special group called Guides. When Hunter shows up in school everything starts to feel normal again until Hunter starts to show his own dangerous side. Now Becca does not know who to trust in this crazy world she has been thrust into.
I did not enjoy this book. The beginning felt very repetitive and boring. Also, at some parts I could not tell whose feelings were being shown because it was written in third person. I thought this book would be like Carrier of the Mark but I was wrong. This book also felt very jumpy. One minute it would be action and the next it felt like fake romance.
There are lots of cuss words and an almost sex scene
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Denver, Colorado United States

The Cage (eBook) by Jacci Turner

Summer school collects a diverse set of teenagers, some getting a head and others trying to pass. Grouped together for the entire class, four students of different backgrounds Tyrell, Tiffany, Orlando, and Samantha learn more than English from their assignments. The Blue Group quickly discovers they have more in common than appearances suggest. Tyrell 's dreams and Sam 's drawings are more than coincidence. But who is the girl that appears in both? And what does she want from them?
At first I was not impressed with where the story was going and how it was written. But after the third or fourth (short) chapters, I started to feel a part of the Blue Group as if I was a character myself. I could predict some of the outcomes; I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists. Jacci Turner did such a great job with this book that I' m excited to see what comes in the rest of the series. A fairly light read and not too complex, The Cage makes a great pick for reluctant readers.

Reviewer Age:23
Reviewer City, State and Country: Bay City, Texas US

The Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris

Megan Montgomery has a secret -- she is the Librarian of the Library of Athena, a place with magical powers. It is her duty to protect the library, and to make sure that it is kept safe. But when a suspicious Chinese family enters her home, she has to wonder, will the Library be safe?
I absolutely loved this book! It was exciting, fun, and the characters seemed real. I did find a few spelling and capitalization errors (as well as some confusing parts), but other than that it was a good book. I felt like I was there with the characters the whole time, and I loved the ending of the book. Although there are other books in the series before this one, this was the first one I had read and it didn't give away much of the other books, but explained everything that had happened at the same time! All in all, this book was amazing and I recommend it for anyone who loves mystery and adventure.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Yucaipa, CA USA

Perfected By Girls (eBook) by Alfred C. Martino

      Perfected By Girls is about a sophomore named Melinda who is on the wrestling team. Some people judge her for being the only girl on the team, but she doesn' t care, she just wants to wrestle. Soon the papers, starting with the school paper all the way up to the local paper, have articles that piss Melinda off by misquoting her. Melinda has ups and downs with her brother, boyfriend, and best friend, put pulls through. Her grandmother wants her to work in her office for the summer, but Melinda and her best friend want differently. Melinda has a lot of obstacles throughout the story but learns to cope with the help of love, support, and the passion to wrestle.
When I read Perfected By Girls, I felt like I was a person in the corner of the room, just watching the story play out. I could picture all the locations of the story in my mind fairly easily, but the characters were a little harder, the author didn' t give much detail on the character s features, but their outfits were very well described. The voice in which the story is told has a good sense off humor, and can make you smile if not laugh. There is some bad language and sexual content, nothing for kids under 13 or 14.  I liked Perfected By Girls a lot, I would recommend it to people I thought it is age appropriate for.
I rated Perfected By Girls 3 because there is a fair amount of strong language and sexual content.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Ukiah, CA United States

Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

Small Town Sinners is a very faith-based book. The main character is Lacey, who's dream has always been to be the  Abortion Girl for her church's Hell House. Then she meets Ty Davis who used to live in Stile Water with Lacey but, he moved away. Now he is back and Lacey is falling for him. Ty starts asking Lacey questions that make Lacey think about her own faith. And Lacey's father, one of the church's Pastors, is not okay with Lacey hanging out with Ty anymore. Lacey has always listened to her father but now she feels he is making the wrong choice by not letting Lacey be with any of her friends. She thinks she is no longer in the line with God and needs her friends (Starla Joy - Lacey's best friend, Dean - Lacey's best friend who she thinks might be gay, and Ty - Lacey's new boyfriend) help finding her path again.
Small Town Sinners should only be read if you don't mind very strong Christian morals and beliefs. It quotes the Bible a lot. I liked the book because it had a strong lesson that if you have your friends and an open mind you can go through anything together. This book over all was very moving and I have recommend it to all of my Christian friends, and they love it! My only suggestion would be to make the boy characters more manly. I did fall in love with all of the people in the book. Some of the questions that Lacey and her friends are put up against are the very same questions I ask myself. I have found this book very well written and would recommend it to any Christian.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Sandy, Oregon U.S.A

Friday, July 06, 2012

Jen Nadol's The Vision

What if you could tell when someone was going to die?  What if you could change their fate in exchange of another perishing? Cassie Renfield doesn t have to wonder; the mark appears over.  She ha s inherited the power of the Fates, and with no family left, she is out searching for those who share the same power as her. Cassie meets Demetria, who seems to show all the traits of being one of the Fates, but nothing is ever as it seems. Then, of course, there i s Zander Dasios, who is infinitely as dangerous as the rumors that follow him.  Cassie falls hard for Zander, but dating him has deadly consequences, which forces Cassie to question everything that she has ever believed in, including herself.

The Vision by Jen Nadol is a riveting novel with excellent qualities. The personalities of the main characters, Cassie and Zander, are portrayed brilliantly. Through sizzling feelings, dark pasts, and blinding curiosity, Nadol takes the reader by the collar, making her turn each page with anticipation until the very last word. The plot that Nadol has created is terrific; it turns at just the right spot, making every word count.  Not only was the novel interesting, it had references to Greek mythology, so I learned facts as I read. With its fascinating plot and enthralling main characters, accompanied by Jen Nadol 's singular writing style, I would strongly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys paranormal stories with romance that takes a rollercoaster ride.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Broxton, Georgia USA

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Snivel: The Fifth Circle of Heck by Dale E. Basye

This book was about two kids who die in tragic accidents and, as the title implies, go to heck. They end up at a summer camp called Snivel. Snivel is an unhappy summer camp where the worst of the worst kids go. At Snivel they try to keep the campers as unhappy as possible. But there is a problem.  Campers are disappearing and strange things are lurking in the woods.

I really liked this book, even though it was the fifth book in a series that I had not read. The author did a really good job of explaining the lives of the main characters up to that point. It was a book so good that I could hardly put it down.  It was a perfect mix of fantasy and mystery. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes those two genres.

Reviewer Age: 14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Hunting Valley, Ohio USA

Rating:  8

Content Rating:  1

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott

Shadows on the Moon is a twist on the classic Cinderella story. In the beginning, Suzume starts out with a best friend, Aimi, and a happy family. After her father is murdered, she moves in with her mother and melancholy step-father, Lord Terayama. She doesn't trust him. Once Suzume discovers Lord Terayama's role in her father's death, she becomes afraid and eventually runs away. Her skill of shadow-weaving proves to be a big help in her journey from upper class to the lowest of beggars. Set in a feudal Japan-like world, this is one original story.
I very much enjoyed Shadows on the Moon. Zoe Marriott does an excellent job in all aspects of storytelling, especially the details. I also found it interesting that Suzume changed her name, depending on her whereabouts and social status. I also felt that the shadow-weaving wasn't too heavily relied upon. Suzume only first discovered and used it when the same men that killed her father were after her. A well-written and superb book, Shadows on the Moon is definitely a worthwhile read.

Reviewer Age:19
Reviewer City, State and Country: Charleston, SC United States