Saturday, February 22, 2014

A new student review of Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball

mbuonarroti posted a new student review of Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball. See the full review.

This was a harrowing and believable book, which I actually really enjoyed! Magdalena Ball writes with such conviction and describes even the grittiest scenes with their own kind of beauty that makes this novel hard to put down. Having never read anything quite like this book before, I was dubious at the beginning. However, upon finishing the novel, I realized that I had been living as Marianne, experiencing her loss, grief and struggles. I lived the painful emotion behind the words of the narrator while sharing the experiences and feelings of Marianne; this sets the book apart. I would definitely recommend Sleep Before Evening to others but possibly to those older than myself. Throughout the novel Marianne is faced with the daunting trials of drug addiction, sex and the fight for survival in the big city. While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I think it might be better suited to people from 16 up. The words of Magdalena Ball in Sleep Before Evening will without a doubt stay with me for years to come.