Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Spy Who Haunted Me, by Simon Green

In 'The Spy Who Haunted Me' Simon Green creates a wonderful world that teaches us value. Edwin Drood is part of a very highly regarded family, who help protect humanity. He works for his family as a field agent. His undercover name is Shaman Bond. He is sent off on a mission to stop what is going to happen to the London Tower. He sets off with a group that is planning to kill all the famous London Ravens. Drood starts off going along with it, but at the end he stops Big Aus (the Leader) from stealing the Crown Jewels.
Later on Drood is sent off again, but this time it is to win a game.
The famous Independent Agent sets up a game for 6 chosen spies and field agents. They are all competing for all the knowledge and treasures of the Independent Agent. During the competition 2 agents die and 1 goes missing. Drood and Walker, a fellow competitor, return to the Independent Agent's house to discover that Independent Agent has been competing all along as his grandson, Peter King. He will never give up his secrets. In the end, Walker and Drood blow up the Independent Agent's house, with him in it.

The author does a good job describing things and it is fairly easy to put your mind into the places the main characters go. You can get the feel of suspense as you read. I like Edwin Drood and his undercover identity, Shaman Bond. The author's voice was very distinct and was very British (colour, favourite). The vocabulary met the standards of the age group. Green does a good job with description and dialogue. He fails at little things. This book makes it to the top of my sci-fi list. I found it very interesting and it was hard to put down. The ending was very surprising. I would definitely recommend it to others.

I gave it a 3 because it was in the adult section of the bookstore and it had more adult-rated descriptions.
Reviewer Age:12, Mt. Pleasant, SC USA