Saturday, July 25, 2009

Riding The Universe, By: Gaby Triana

Chloe isn’t your typical high schooler. She is failing chemistry and has a 1200 Sportster Harley Davidson. And to add to that she was adopted.
She tries to pay attention in chemistry but her teacher is too boring, so she goes to tutoring. Her tutor ends up being Gordon, a super smart and good-looking guy. She starts to understand chemistry, but Gordon is a big distraction. Chloe and Gordon spend more and more time together.
Chloe finds out she was adopted. She had no clue who her parents would be but she doesn’t know anybody that is blood related to talk to. Her uncle, who helped her create her motorcycle, was the only one she knew but he had died when she was younger.
She later finds out two things that were a huge shock to her and she ends up passing chemistry.
Riding the universe was a good book. The author used details to make it seem like it was happening in real life. I would recommend it to young adults who like suspense, realistic fiction and a good book.
Content: 1 Rating: 9
Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Fairborn, Ohio USA