Sunday, July 05, 2009

Queen of the Masquerade by Tiffany Trent

Is anyone or anything to be trusted in a rath so full of evil, lies, mystery, glamour, and deceit that you cant tell what is real, true, or what is actually there in your presence? Christina wakes up to find herself lying in a bed with no understanding of where she is, how she got there, or anything else for that matter. Lost in a rath she learns to be as Lamasque with no memories of who she is, she looks to her rescuer Duke Deglisse, the ruler of Lamasque, for help and learns that she is actually the one who will be of the greater help (she is supposed to be the God-sent savior of Deglisse, his people, and his rath). Knowing no one, Christina befriends the Duke and agrees to do his bidding and go on daily searches through the forest to search for the rathstone. Deglisse tells her of a riddle that is to unlock the rathstone and that she is the answer to it. Understanding her fate, which is that she will be a sacrifice to the stone, she realizes that she must find a way to stay alive and leave the rath before it's too late. To do that she decides that she can't trust anyone, but when a mysterious creature and a handsome boy show up to help her, will she be able to put aside her fears and trust them if it means a chance at saving her life?

I enjoyed Queen of the Masquerade but I thought that the story moved along quite slowly and that there wasn't a lot of adventure or depth to the plot. I admired Christina's character, which was fun, upbeat, flirty, strong, and loyal. A lot of the story seemed to take place in the forest or in Christina's bedroom, which got somewhat boring after a while because of the repetitious actions that took place. The little action that did happen occurred so quickly that I barely got a feel for what was going on. The author used foreshadowing very well and didn't give away too much information for what was yet to come. As the story went on, I became more and more anxious and excited for the conclusion to come to find out the outcome and how all of the events would fall into place. The conclusion came as quite a surprise to me though because the tricky foreshadowing led me to expect a very different ending than what actually occurred. The ending was well written and fell into place nicely, but left me with a few questions such as the fate of Maurus. The characters and scenes for the most part were well described, which made them easy to picture in my mind. Overall, I did greatly enjoy this novel and this series still remains as my favorite. This was another great book by Tiffany Trent (and Amanda M. Jenkins) and I recommend it to teenage girls who enjoy fantasies with a hint of romance.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, PA USA