Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mare's War by Tanita S. Davis

Octavia and Tali don't have the typical grandmother. Their grandmother, Mare, refuses to be called Grandma, dresses like she is Octavia and Tali's age, and drives a sports car. Like any teenagers, Octavia and Tali are dreading the cross-country road-trip that Mare is taking them on. But Mare was once a strong headed teenager herself and she is determined to tell the girls her tales of adventures in the 6888th African American battalion in World War II. Slowly and surely, the trio bonds on their road-trip.

Mare's War tells the story of a little known group of fighters in the World Wars, African Americans. The book beautifully describes the conditions of small town Alabama and the hardships on African Americans who lived there. Many people don't know about the African American soldiers in the World Wars, and the prejudice they faced. The same prejudice that African Americans faced back home carried over into the war, even though blacks and whites were fighting in the same war. Mare's War teaches that not long ago life was segregated into groups and sometimes the strongest bonds are with your family.

Reviewer Age:14
Brownsburg, Indiana USA