Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Anothere Hero by Sharon M. Draper

Just Another Hero was about a group of teenagers who all go to the same high school. Each teen has a complicated set of problems, ranging between a new baby at home to a verbally abusive step-father to a pair of perpetually partying/gambling parents. My personal favorite character, Arielle, (the one with the verbally abusive step-father) definitely has the most complicated life, and learns lots about herself while dealing with her issues. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, reading this book will be a boost to your self esteem, if not to your mood.

This plotline was SO complicated I don't even know how to begin. There were 4 perspectives and TONS of characters. One of the reasons my above summary was so vague was that it is very hard to summarize a plot that is really 4 plots. And they don't really interact for οΎ½ the book. I had to read this book twice all the way through and some parts three times before I got a good grasp of the storyline. Once I finally understood what was happening, the book was actually OK. Arielles story especially, was very interesting. At the beginning, she was sort of stuck up but her character evolved nicely into a likable person. All in all, this was a decent book, if you are willing to sit down and read it more than once.

Some mature themes, suggestive content

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Exeter, NH USA