Monday, July 20, 2009

The Debs: Love, Lies, and Texas Dips by Susan McBride

Laura's dream of becoming a deb is finally coming true. With her confidence at an all-time high, she dares to mess with Jo Lynn's boyfriend, Dillon. But then, Laura finds herself in the middle of some horrifying gossip that could get her kicked out of the Glass Slipper Club by her second curtsy lesson.

Mac discovers that becoming a deb is something she can barely stand. Then things go from bad to worse when a new girl starts flirting with her best friend, Alex. She doesn't want to be jealous, but she can't help it. Does that mean she wants Alex to be more than a friend?

With her atrocious college-boy fling behind her, Ginger wants to focus on more important things: fine arts, white ball gowns, and social activism. When her grandmother ask her to sit for a formal portrait with the son of a local prodigy, she finds out she already knows him, but what she knows isn't good.

Jo Lynn plans on taking down Laura not matter what. When she finds Laura's phone number in Dillon's cell, the stakes are higher than ever. Is her boyfriend cheating on her with Laura? Jo Lynn will do almost anything to find out.

In this book, you could feel the tension between the characters as you read. When I read The Debs: Love, Lies, and Texas Dips, I saw each girl's view of a situation, which made the book more unique. The only thing that could've been improved was the book's pace: at the beginning it was slow, and I became distracted while I was reading. I became more engrossed in the book toward the middle when more events took place. Other than that, the book was enjoyable and I look forward to reading the sequel.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Fairborn, Ohio United States