Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fire Thief Fights Back by Terry Deary

The Fire Thief Fights Back is a fantasy/adventure fiction about Prometheus, a demigod (half-god) who must find a hero to save himself from being destroyed and fight the monsters of Ancient Greece. Along the way, he meets Sam, a smart kid being chased by an angry mob for selling fake medicine, and asks him to help find the hero. Also, back in Ancient Greece, Zeus is captured by the Typhon, a monster with 100 snakeheads, who cuts out his tendons so he can't leave, and Hera (Zeus's wife), sends Hermes to rescue him. After his rescue, Zeus goes to help Prometheus fight the monsters that attack Eden City.

The writing was okay, but not very descriptive. This book is good at giving you a general idea of the scene and letting you imagine the rest. I thought this book moved from interesting to dull at some points. There was a lot of extra stuff in the text.

Reviewer Age: 12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Chippewa Falls, WI USA