Friday, July 31, 2009

Rescuing Seneca Crane by Susan Runholt

Best friends Kari and Lucas are traveling with Kari's mom to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet and interview the world famous Seneca Crane, a 15 year old piano prodigy. At first they think she will be snooty and posh, but when they meet her, they realize she is just an average girl on the inside who has never had a true friend. The three girls become fast friends. Kari and Lucas even get to see Seneca play at her concert! Who would've thought she would disappear after her standing ovation? The two girls know they have to rescue her before it's too late... the problem is, where is she?

This 277 page book was very exiting! There's mystery, adventure, action, and comedy. The ending is well explained and you don't feel lost at all. Clues pop up all over the book, along with enough facts about Scotland to fill up a guidebook. It is said to be for ages 11 and up, and I totally agree with that. My younger sister, who is 12, loves a good mystery and I will definitely recommend this whole series to her!

Reviewer Age: 15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Gearhart, Oregon United States