Saturday, July 25, 2009

If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? by M. E. Kerr

Alan Bennet is a very popular guy in Cayuta High. He's a star football player, has got the looks, and is going steady with one of the prettiest girls there, Leah. Duncan Stein, however, is going prematurely bald, wears huge glasses, lives in a rehabilitation center for alcoholics, and is nicknamed Doomed by everyone because he doesn' fit in. When Duncan invents a very strange newspaper called REMOTE, something happens. Somehow, the big geek has everyone's attention, and Alan doesn't. Duncan has got all the girls wearing dead anemone flowers on their shirts, and writing the most absurd wanted ads in his newspaper! And then Duncan starts going out with someone, when he doesn't even believe in going steady in the first place? Suddenly, Doomed is the most popular guy around. What happened? It seems like senior year for Alan is doomed, all because of Doomed.
If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? was a great book. It surprised me a bit because when I read all the summaries and reviews, it seemed like the story would be told from Duncan's point of view, but it was actually from Alan's. It allowed you to see that even a seemingly perfect person has problems. I don't like how the author didn't describe some of the main characters; I couldn't picture how they looked. The only other thing for me was Sophies vocabulary; she used a lot of medical terms. Even though most of the words were defined, I had to use a dictionary a few times to understand them. I liked the story line and the way that as you read, Alan and Doomed subtly switch places. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a little high school drama, and stories where the character changes for the better.
Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Coatesville, PA USA