Saturday, July 04, 2009

Shadowplay by Tad Williams

The March Kingdom is in the evil hands of Hendon Tolly who has kicked Princess Briony and Prince Barrick Eddon out of their own castle. They are now separated and wandering; tring to get back to their home. Briony finds both allies and deadly enemies in the mose unexpected places, and Barrick is lost and under a spell behind the shadowline. They must somehow overtake the Tollys and rule once more, but there is always the problem of getting past traitors, god-kings, and even the angry gods themselves. Will they ever make it?

Will they ever make it? That is a very good question. One that I didn't find out because the book ended before the story did! Now you have to buy the next book to know. And I definitely wouldn't recommend that! This book is the sequel to Shadowmarch, so the story was confusing to begin with. I originally ordered the book because it has 737 pages, but then I found out why. I love description, but have you ever read a book where there is was too MUCH description? This book seemed to go on and on. I am a fast reader and it took me 3 weeks! It is also very bloody and gruesome (I would not want a movie out of it) and it describes bloody bodies with their heads cut off and blood spurting out. I almost stopped reading the book there and sending it back. The plot and storyline was well thought out and exiting, and it would be the kind of book I greatly enjoy, if it wasn't for the things I mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Basically, I would not recommend this book to anybody.

It describes lots of dead and dying people (who mostly die at the hands of an assassin and sword)in full detail and would not be a wise choice for sensitive readers.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Gearhart, Oregon United States