Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fed Up by Sarah Conant and Jessica Conant-Parker

In 'Fed Up' by Sarah Conant and Jessica Conant-Parker, Chloe Carter's boyfriend, Josh Driscoll, competes against two chefs for his own television show. The chefs visit grocery stores and pick up random customers and prepare them home cook meals. During Josh's meals, one of the customers dies and investigators are left to search and find out "who dunnit." Josh is innocent, because the camera was on him the entire time as proof that he didn't commit the crime. However, investigators are unaware of who did. Chloe makes time in between planning her best friend's wedding and work, to help solve this murder mystery.

The Conants do a wonderful job in describing the setting of the book. The descriptions throughout the story give the reader enough information to get the gist of the story and room to imagine the rest. The writers also do a great job in making the main character come to life. They allow the audience to enter into her mind on a personal level, as if she were a real human being. For example, during some of Chloe's thoughts, she will talk about multiple topics sometimes one cutting off another. Or she'll mention an insignificant fact that helps the reader to remember that she is human, and sometimes she too can get sidetracked. Although the book is very intriguing, at times certain aspects of the story were too conspicuous. I'd recommend this book to someone who has just began to explore the world of mystery books such as Nancy Drew or simple children's mysteries.

Reviewer Age:16
Raleigh, NC United States