Monday, July 27, 2009

Come Juneteenth by Ann Rinaldi

Luli has a secret, a terrible secret that threatens to harm a member of her family. Luli lives in the heart of Texas with her family and the one slave that her family owns, Ruth. Though Ruth is a slave, Luli's family accepts Ruth as one of their own.

News reaches Texas that the slaves have been freed because of the Emancipation Proclamation. However, Luli is not allowed to tell Ruth that she is free. Will Luli keep her family's secret, or tell her "almost sister" the truth? The novel becomes even more dramatic when Luli finds out that Ruth is pregnant with Luli's brother's baby. What will happen?

Overall, I thought the novel was alright. I thought that the topic that Ms. Ann Rinaldi chose was incredibly interesting. However, the ending was sudden. It was completely unexpected and I felt that the novel ended too quickly. I thought that the characters were people that I could relate to and I found myself wanting to know more about what hapened to the characters once the book ended.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Pottstown, PA United States