Saturday, February 25, 2012

R and the Sabre of Slaytr (eBook) by Summer Lockhart

This book is about a young orphan who goes on a quest to find out who his parents are. It starts out with him on a beach not knowing anything about himself. He then sees terrifying dreams. Except the dreams he sees are real events that happened. He is then taken to an orphanage by a man called Right Virgil. After a few years Right Virgil dies and on his deathbed tells him to read from the Sabre of Saltyr.
I loved this book. It was really well written and had me guessing what came next. In the end there is a twist so huge not even a magician could have predicted it.  The vocabulary was a little interesting and I had to look up some words but not to many. This book compares to Eragon but is more amazingly written. This is a beautifully written book with a beautiful ending.
I would recommend this book to anybody who liked Eragon but can handle a more twisted plot.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Hunting Valley, OH USA