Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cutting Cords

Book Title: Cutting Cords
Author: Jo Ramsey
ISBN: 9780983262428
Summary: This book was about a young girl named Shanna, who's father just moved out, due to an unhealthy marrige. Shanna is now left with her abusive mother. The only person she can look to for comfort is her best friend, Jonah. Jonah is trying to teach Shanna about being of light, banishing demons, and how to meditate. A friend of Shanna's, named Tammi, is cursed with a demon, and the demon has created an invisible cord, attached to Tammi, so she can drain Tammi's energy and transfer into the real world. Shanna must overcome her insecurity, and fear of her mother, to cast out the demon in Tammi.
Opinion: Wow. This book was amazing. I loved how the book started out by introducing the marrige problem between her mother and father right off the bat. It made me want to keep reading to see what might happen next. I loved the suspense that the author used at the end of some of the chapters. It gave the book an element that kept me reading. I appreciated that. I also loved how she eventually became more comfortable with her friend Jonah. It gave a romantic edge to the book that was very fun to read about.


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Enon, Ohio USA