Monday, February 20, 2012

The Lily Pond by Annika Thor

Stephanie finds herself a year older and still in Poland. Her parents still suffer in war-ravaged Germany, trying to survive. So when Stephanie gets the chance to continue her schooling beyond six years she does everything in her power to be able to stay at the school on the mainland. Stephanie is staying with a fairly rich couple that rented her foster parents' cabin the summer before. She soon begins to fall in love with the couples son, who is five years Stephanie s senior (he' s nineteen, she s fourteen). In the end Stephanie is accused of cheating on a test, and Sven, the couple's son, tells Stephanie something that devastates her so much she is willing to give up her education, which would help her have a better life

At first I was kind of disappointed in this book, but then around the second or third chapter things started to pick up, and the book began to have more action. Soon it was as if someone had glued my eyes to the pages of the book and I couldn 't put it down.
The ending did surprise me, when it came my mouth formed an O shape. I was stunned I would have never thought they' d be friends again (Stephanie and Sven). I thought Stephanie would' ve been to embarrassed to show her face again, I thought she was going to just wallow in her pity, but this ending literally left me there thinking WOW, I never would' ve guessed this book was going to take me by surprise. I 'd rate this book out of ten ponds, eight ponds. I really believe you wouldn' t regret picking this book to read (if you' re a girl.) because of the romance in it.

P.S. I also think the author left all loose ends tied up at the end of the book, and this book taught me that nothing is always easy, but if you persevere that things will end up all right.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Nampa, Idaho U.S.A