Monday, February 06, 2012

Conspiracy 365: October by Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365 October by Gabrielle Lord is about a teenager named Cal who is trying to find a treasure his ancestors have kept hidden for generations. Cal is wanted by the police, and many different people are trying to get the reward for delivering him. His friends Winter and Boges help him. Winter is trying to solve the mystery of her parent s death, as well. They think a rival enemy named Oriana de la Force has the next clue to the treasure in Zrich Bank. They find a way to get her fingerprint then make a copy of it. They try to get her PIN code and create disguises of her and her bodyguard to break in and get the clue.

I thought this book is a great story with a great pace. I liked how they left you hanging at the end of the book. It really explained how the characters felt. When it explained things, it provided just the right amount of information so that you understand but are not bored. This book has great supporting details so you can understand what the characters feel. The only part I didn' t like is how it didn' t tell much about Cal' s family.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Overland Park, Kansas USA