Thursday, February 23, 2012

Narrative Loserdom by Ryan Collins

     Narrative Loserdom, by Ryan Collins, is a classic tale of two teenage boys.  This book is written in the journalistic style by Justin Taggart; he writes about all the interesting things he and his friend Adam do.  From video games and girls to money, they're always doing something different.  Justin's fear of being rejected makes his dating life very miserable.    Find out if Adam and Justin make it through high school, in Narrative Loserdom.
     The plot to this book was very interesting, yet confusing.  Justin would often have flash backs or change the scene.  The author did a nice job at making you feel like you're part of the book.  You could feel Justin's voice the whole time.  This book is not meant for younger kids, although it's short.  It involves stealing and some pornographic references.

I gave this a 3 because there is references to Adam watching pornography, and stealing.

Reviewer Age:12