Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Angel In My Pocket by Ilene Cooper

The book Angel In My Pocket was a fun tale about a girl named Bette who lives with her father and older sister Barbra. Bette goes to a magnet school that studies preforming art. Before Bette's mother died, she would always sing but now she is too depressed to sing any more. One day she and her sister find a rare angel coin and soon Bette's life changes. She meets new friends and finds the courage to sing again. Soon the angel coin ends up in the hands of some of Bette's close friends and their lives change for the better as well. Is there really magic in this one angel coin?
I found the book to start out slow but become more interesting as is progessed. The first chapter was a bit wordy when discribing Bette's past and family, but it turned into an adventure after a couple of chapters. It wasn't one of my favorite books to read and took some time to get into but it turned out to be my kind of book in the end. I recommend to book to people who can get into any reading and people who enjoy realistic fiction. After reading this, I started to belive in angels too.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Laurel, Maryland United States