Friday, April 02, 2010

A Brief History of Mantmaray by Michelle Cooper

The kingdom of Montmaray lies on a tiny island in the
Atlantic Ocean. It consists of a few villagers, a three
remaining princesses, and a crumbling castle. You'd think
it would be boring...but think again. Jump into Princess
Sophia's diary and experience her day to day adventures.
From nursing a love for the housekeeper's son, battling
storms, calming her tomboy sister, and occasionally
combating her mad uncle to unannounced airplane visits and
Nazi soldiers, Sophia's life on the brink of World War Two
is anything but boring. Experience the anxiety, love,
tears, and relief of "A Brief History of

Readers who enjoy historical fiction will
have their jaws dropping in amazement when they finish
this story. The story is told through Sophia FitzOsborne's
diary and begins with an interesting plot: an almost
forgotten kingdom with a small, sweet family of royals.
Michelle Cooper did a fantastic job of giving her
characters individual personalities that everyone could
relate to: Veronica, a bookish young woman who seems to
always be in control; an ambitious Simon Chester; a young
man, Toby, who's not quite ready for his responsibilities;
a tomboy by the name of Henry; and of course, a mad uncle.
I think some of the best parts of this story are the
subjects that are not necessarily discussed in other books
in this genre such as a king's funeral. I think anyone who
is interested in a thoroughly enjoyable good read would do
well to pick this book up and give it a try.

Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, TX