Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Book of Samuel by Erik Raschke

The Book of Samuel is about a twelve-year-old boy named Samuel. He lives a normal life with his two parents and his grandmother. He was a happy teenage boy, hanging with his friends, jumping at the ramps, and doing whatever it is that teenage boys do. Until his father goes out on a mission to preach to the world. After his fathers departure, Samuel not only does some crazy things, such as; blow up his friends garage, make-out with the hottest girl in school, and gets in some terrifying fights with a girl at school, but he also learns a lot about himself. Through it all Samuel makes some important decisions and grows in the process.

In my opinion this book was ok. It was definitely not my favorite book I have ever read, but it was probably the most interesting. Some of the things that I didn't like about The Book of Samuel would be, the plot. There really was nothing for me to hold onto in that area. I couldn't exactly get into the book when the main idea of the story was a mystery to me.
In The Book of Samuel there is some very questionable content. Some may not be very suitable for younger children. Such as graphic fight scenes, racism, and some foul language.
Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, Texas United States