Friday, April 02, 2010

Secrets of a Christmas Box by Steven Hornby

Christmas is near, and the Ferguson family has just finished decorating thier Christmas tree.But later, when the family is drifting to sleep, others are waking up. In the living room, on the tree, the ornaments, lights, and other decorations are awakening from a year of slumber. As "Tree-Dwellers" catch up with one another, Larry, a joly snowman, spends hours searching for his brother, Terrence, who has seemed to dissapear. After giving up on his search, Larry- along with his girlfriend, Debbie; his long time companion, Tinsel; and a new-comer, Splint- breaks the laws of the Tree Elders and escape the prickly branches in search of Terrence. But how will Larry and his friends fin Terrence without being noticed by the family and the "Tree-Dwellers?" Will they make it back to he tree in time to be packed away? And why is this new-comer so eager to help?

Secrets of a Christmas Box is a wonderful holiday story. Steven Hornby captures the essence of Christmas while making the book thrilling and exiting with a happy and justified ending. Beautifully sketched illustrations help tell this tale without taking to much away for the reader's imagination. The story made me want to run out to my garage and find my family's Christmas box. All in all: a magical children's tale any one could fall in love with. Soon to be a Christmas classic.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Fortuna, California USA