Friday, April 16, 2010

Before I Fall

It seems like Samantha Kingston has it all: three best friends, a cute boyfriend, and adoring students at her high school. Sam is popular, and though she feels guilty at times for the way she and her friends treat other students, she still loves her life. That is, until Friday, February 12, when Sam has a fatal car accident. Sam discovers, however, that she is given a chance to relive her last day on earth, and she better make the most of it. As she relives the day over and over again, she struggles to learn what to do to break the cycle.

I really enjoyed reading “Before I Fall”. The novel was so original, because even though I have read books that involve a dead protagonist, this one had one day repeating over and over again. This concept might seem boring, but each day Sam does something different and the author reveals new information that makes you want to keep reading. I also really liked Sam as a character. In the beginning, she's not the nicest person. She's rude to other students at school and shows no respect to her parents at all. But as the novel progresses, Sam begins to appreciate life more and sees the mistakes that she has been making. I thought “Before I Fall” had a great message, to appreciate every day, and I think the author executed her ideas flawlessly in a well-written story.

This book contains material such as underage drinking, strong language, and drug use, which is only for mature readers.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Aston, Pennsylvania, United States