Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starfinder by John Marco

Starfinder is about a boy named Moth. His mother died and he went to live with his grandfather and his bird. The bird is really a skylord named Esme. Skylords live across the reach which is a place where people are not allowed to go. But, when Moth's grandpa dies he tells Moth he must go across the reach to turn Esme back to a Skylord. He gives moth a gift the Starfinder which you can use to see and control anybody. The Skylords used it to control everybody so they wouldn’t fly. But, it was stolen by Esme and that is why the Skylords turned her into a bird. In the end the Skylords had a fight against the Humans, Cenatours, and the Dragons. The Skylords lost the battle and Moth went back home.

I liked the book. It was a very magical fantasy type book which I love. It was a action packed book. It was very fast paced. You didn't have to wait very long for somthing interesting to happen like meeting a mermaid or a great fight. That is why I liked the book.
Reviewer Age:12
Leopold, MO USA