Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buggy Crenshaw and the Bungler's Paradox

Buggy Crenshaw is an imaginative 11-year-old girl. She enjoys writing, and in her stories she always ends up saving the world. When her family moves to Lloyd’s Hollow after her father blows up her garage, her eyes are opened to world she never knew existed, including the battle between Good and Evil that is going on. She also learns a little bit about magic and can’t wait to get her Talisman, or a special charm that helps in the use of magic, on her 12th birthday. Who knows? Maybe Buggy is more powerful than she seems. Maybe Buggy is truly meant to save the world. Read Buggy Crenshaw and the Bungler’s Paradox to find out!

Buggy Crenshaw and the Bungler’s Paradox is a very interesting book for fantasy lovers like me. There were a few boring parts in the book, but once the ride started, there was no getting off. I learned that to really get into this book, you have to use your imagination, just like Buggy. This book is also appealing to people who like to write. Since Buggy is a writer, her mother is always giving her word games and a Word-of-the-Day, where Buggy has to use the word of the day in all its different forms. That game taught me some new words. Overall, I think that R.M Wilburn did an amazing job with this book!

Content: 1
Rating: 8
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Harleysville, PA USA