Friday, May 15, 2009

The Magician's Daughter by S.C. Butler

It has been ten years since Reiffen, Ferris, and Avenderraised the siege of Rimwich and killed two of the threeWizards. Now, Ferris and Reiffen are married and raisingtheir daughter, Hubley. Their peace is haunted with the fearthat the last Wizard, Reiffen's old teacher and enemyFornoch, wants to kidnap Hubley. Reiffen's paranoia turnshim against everyone he loves. Now, with the help of hermother and all her friends, Hubley must try to save herfather from himself.

S.C. Butler's novel, The Magician'sDaughter, is the epic conclusion to the Stoneways Trilogy.The writing is fluid and poetic. Butler's mammothimagination helps launch the reader to places unheard of orseen before. In truth, the book starts off slow, but thetension quickly develops as Reiffen's fears push him closerto madness. Overall, it's an intriguing book that leaves thereader satisfied. I would definitely recommend this book andtrilogy to others.

Reviewer Age:23

Reviewer City,State and Country: Owings Mills, MD USA