Thursday, August 02, 2007

Farseed by Pamela Sargent

The inhabitants of Ship are back. Now they are finally on Home and have settled down to have children. After Ho had left the group, he and his people are starting to starve. After five years of not coming to the Settlement, a group of three are sent on an expedition to find and help Ho’s group. Two of the group get lost, and one is killed by Ho, who casts out his own daughter upon seeing her with the man he killed. A second expedition is sent out from the Settlement, but what happens when things go wrong and a war starts again?

This book was unlike anything I have ever read before. The whole idea about seeding planets was a new theory to me. Definitely imaginative. The book had down-to-Earth characters, even though they were light-years away. Some of the language used seemed unnatural for the character speaking, although it did have some good dialogue and conversations between characters. Her descriptions of plants, animals, and feelings were amazing; it seemed like the author was writing from experience. This is the second in a series, and the first book is just as good if not better than this one. Earthseed tells about how the inhabitants of Ship came to be on Home. This is a book for science-fiction lovers, who are looking for a new and interesting read.

Content: There is some talk of sex and other people's bodies.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 7
Reviewer Age: 14