Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

When the twins Sophie and Josh Newman found out they were working in two stores across from each other, Josh in the Fleming's bookstore and Sophie in The Coffee Cup, they were ecstatic. That is, until the fateful day that Dr. John Dee stepped into the bookshop and changed both of their lives forever. After a vicious fight with Dee, the twins find out that Nick Fleming, owner of the bookshop, was really Nicholas Flamel the famous alchemist. The twins also learn about the Book of Abraham, in which exists the power to destroy the world and the secret of eternal life, and the desperate need to keep that information out of the hands of the evil Dr. John Dee, servant to evil Gods that would destroy the human race. Pursued by Dark Elders that they believed could have only existed in myths, Sophie and Josh have to figure out how they fit into a prophecy in the book and find their powers. Guided by Nicholas Flamel, an ancient warrior, and an ancient goddess, the twins are drawn into a war in an attempt to save the world from a dismal fate at the hands of the Dark Elders.

Well-written with beautiful uses of imagery and humor, “The Alchemyst” was most definitely a page-turner. Many goddesses that are very prominent in mythology such as Bastet and Hekate are shown in a whole new light and the detailed description that went with each goddess provokes a very clear picture in your mind. I found many of the characters very endearing as Michael Scott gave each one of them a different and in many cases, lovable, personality. One of the most major things I loved about the main characters was that they weren’t perfect. Sophie and Josh both had their own personal fears and like normal fifteen year olds, they were not immune to making mistakes. This makes them a lot easier to understand and connect with. Also, there is a lot of mythology mentioned in this book, and afterwards, I had an incredible urge to go read some mythology for myself, making this book a good start on becoming interested in mythology. “The Alchemyst” is a fabulous book and I would recommend it as a must read for young adults.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 9

Reviewer Age: 14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Tucson, Arizona United States