Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drama Club: The Fall Musical by Peter Lerangis

Who doesn't know the dramma club? They practically run the school, and are the people everybody wants to be. But Kara doesn't know that. All she sees is an oppurtunity to be someone else. Someone different then who she was in her old town. But somehow she finds herself as stage manager, even though she doesnt even know what she's doing! Then a boy complicates Karas first real friendship in Ridgefield. And on top of all that, memories are coming to haunt Kara. Ones she tried to leave behind when she moved... When a disaster stikes right before opening night, will the show go on? Or will the much anticipated Fall Production never even see opening night.

I enjoyed this book. I started to read it on the first day of school, and it even put me in the mood to try out for my schools drama club! And Peter Lerangis describes perfectly the way real school kids act, so it doeesn't sound at all fake. It flows along smoothly, and isn't one of those books you can tell the author is bad, beacuse you know that this author isn't trying to much to be 'cool.' Easy to read, and a great school story, Drama Club: The Fall Musical takes of without a hitch, and is a joyfuly pleasant trip, right down to the last page.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8

Reviewer Age: 12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Casa Grande, Arizona Unites States of America