Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everwing by M.J. Grothoff

EverWing is the story of a man named Gavee. Gavee is just like any other person, except for one tiny detail: he has wings. He is a part of a race of people known as the Masura. He finds out that what he sees as right and wrong aren't the same from the group of people he lives with (his clan). He must decide whether he will follow his heart or go with what his clan wants. EverWing follows his so-called gripping adventure.

I really tried to get into this book. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be far less gripping than the back cover promised. The author spends way too much time describing what Gavee planned to do rather than describing him doing it. For instance, Gavee was about to fight a dragon and he dropped his sword in the tall grass nearby. He spent four pages trying to find his sword and reflecting on memories. He spent a half page surprising and killing the dragon. It just seemed like a horrible balance. The storyline really captivated me at the beginning, but the thrill soon wore off. It does not come through on any front and I would definitely not recommend it.

Reviewer Age: 15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Westerville, OH United States

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