Sunday, June 09, 2013

A new student review of Spellbound by Monique N. Peterson

detectiveginger posted a new student review of Spellbound by Monique N. Peterson. See the full review.

The book Spellbound by Monique N. Peterson, was an enjoyable, intriguing and refreshing read. It had good characterization and a gripping plot that made you wonder what was going to happen (however it finished with far too many questions unanswered – so hopefully it will be picked up and answered in a sequel, especially after the cliff-hanger ending and too many unsolved mysteries (Who are Bea’s parents? What are their roles? The disappearance of Queen Rosalind and Kerry. Who tried to poison the Queen? Also, the importance of the Bishop baby to the rebel boss, to name a few).

The setting was interesting – I was surprised and confused at first, as I was expecting a historical setting, but instead it was quite a different world. The people acted with modern day mannerisms, however, the traditions of the country were kind of olden dayish (absolute monarchy vs. democracy) with the monarchs and monarchy having to have arranged marriages. Yet it was futuristic in terms of the technology as it seemed more advanced and different to what we have today, such as cars with invisibility functions, plants that grow with a push of a button etc.

Spellbound was a terrific book, with an interesting setting and spellbinding mysteries; I look forward to reading a sequel.