Friday, June 28, 2013

A new student review of Scrooge and Marley

engineerphilip18 posted a new student review of Scrooge and Marley . See the full review.

I thought that this was an overall good book. It really captured what Scrooge would have done after the ending of A Christmas Carol. The book was a bit hard to get into, but the imagery was nice and the details made me feel like I was right there. There were some very confusing parts, especially about the shadows and how Marley planned to get out of them. I didn't really get how Marley came into the baby Fred and Kathleen were having. The ending was kind of funny, as it left you knowing something most of the characters didn’t know. The epilogue summed things up nicely. I would also try to “hook” the reader a little more in the beginning. Scrooge's daily life was boring at first. A flashback might have helped hook the reader. I think this book could have been better, but it was still well-written.