Friday, March 27, 2015

A new student review of Devin Rhodes Is Dead by Jennifer Wolf Kam

snehayamsani posted a new student review of Devin Rhodes Is Dead by Jennifer Wolf Kam. See the full review.

“The connection between us shattered, like tiny invisible shards of glass falling softly onto the asphalt.”


I really liked this book, to be honest. The book explores the ups and downs of friendships—something I am sure we have all experienced—and artfully crafts the relationship into a mystery, resulting in the death of Devin Rhodes. This is further illustrated as Kam writes the novel in short before-and-after chapters describing the events that led up to and from Devin’s death, building the suspense in each chapter till the very end. Kam’s writing in this novel was well thought out as she explored friendships, pulling the reader in immediately.


And Cass. Cass was probably the best thing in the book because I could feel her guilt and confusion toward her relationship with Devin. For me, it struck a chord because my best friend moved a few years ago. After the move, she changed and we grew apart. I felt particularly close to Cass as she wishes for the old Devin to come back repeatedly through the novel. It is something we all feel, no doubt.


This book deserves a 5 out of 5.