Monday, March 26, 2012

Save the Pearls Part One, Revealing Eden

Save the Pearls Part One, Revealing Eden, is about 17 year
old Eden Newman. Eden lives in a world where the the threat
of solar radiation is very real, preventing her from ever
traveling to the Earth's surface. Instead, humans live
underground, seperated with a class system that favors the
dark-skinned Coals over the weak, light-skinned Pearls.
Eden's father is the lead scientist at Resources for
Environmental Adaptation, where he eventually figures out a
way to add animal DNA to that of humans, increasing their
chances of survival. However, a Pearl-hating militia group
soon causes Pearl, her father, and the arrogant Coal
Bramford to flee into the jungle, where Eden must find a way
to save the human race from the sun, and fight her growing
attraction to Bramford.
Revealing Eden was a suspenseful,
fun read, but the characters were not fully developed. I
could not get a hold on exactly who Eden was, as she was
portrayed as both a selfish, naive girl who only wants to
get home to her technology and as a lustful girl who only
wanted to stay with the genetically modified man of her
dreams. Eden was hard to like, because she never seemed to
grasp the enormity of their situation and acts in her own
interests without thinking of how she is going to affect
those around her. The plot was creative and interesting, but
got very repetitive as Eden and Bramford fell for eachother.
There were also many loose ends that were not fully
addressed by the end of the book, but I assume that they
will be covered by additional books. I would recommend
Revealing Eden to teenage readers who are looking for an
interesting, quick read.
I have given this book a content
rating of 2 because of the many lustful thoughts of Eden and
Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and
Country: Harleysville, Pennsylvania USA