Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Graffiti Moon

Graffiti Moon
What has mystery, intrigue, and deceit
lurking around every corner? Cath Crowley's new novel,
Graffiti Moon, of course! Lucy Dervish, just graduating
from high school, has an obsession. Obsessions, actually.
She s obsessed with art. And glass-blowing. And colors,
trillions of colors. And a notorious graffiti artist
named Shadow who has all of her sweet obsessions rolled
into one tantalizing package. Yet, as always, there is a
problem. She hasn't even seen Shadow, much less has been
introduced to him. But she wants to. She really, really
wants to. Lucy believes that Shadow has all the answers
she wants. Answers about love, hidden wants, and, most of
all, art. So how could she refuse when her best friend
Jazz suggests that they go out on the town to celebrate
their graduation? Lucy believes this is her only chance
to find Shadow before she goes off to college. She has an
entire night to get what she desires. But there s a
hitch. She has to go on her Shadow-hunt with Ed, a guy
she spent the most embarrassing date with in her entire
life. Yet she has to find her man.
Ed, by the way, is no more interested in this hunt
than he is in physics. He has had enough of Lucy Dervish,
thank you very much. He certainly can t help that she
broke his nose during the most awful date of his eighteen-
year life. But when the two are thrown together by pure
fate, Ed finds himself being sucked into Lucy s satisfying
aurora. Something is stopping him, though. It turns out
Ed just might a secret of his own...
Let me make it this time. Let me meet Shadow.
Poet too but mainly Shadow. The guy who paints in the
dark. Paints birds trapped on brick walls and people lost
in ghost forests.

This book had its good points and bad points. One
thing that extremely disappointed me in this novel was the
language. We re talking about major profanity here. I
had to lay down the book a few times to clear my mind. It
also could get a little dull at times, especially when Ed
would reminisce about his past girlfriend. I just felt
like screaming "Get on with it!" sometimes. Yet, even
with its faults, it also had many strengths, too. It
really shows how tough life is for some young Americans.
It made me feel eternally grateful for my privileged life
I live. I also liked how deep it was. These kids
thought and thought hard. I picked up many good points in
here that portrayed the human soul, deep inside, just
waiting for you to take it out, release it, examine it,
and cherish it. Another thing I enjoyed was the poems
scattered throughout the book, written by Ed' s partner in
crime, Leopold Green. They really got me in touch with
reality. This book had a beautiful blend of romance,
drama, and mystery to keep me entertained most of the
time, yet sometimes I felt slightly bored with the
patterned plot. I believe that if you love art, you'll
probably love this book. If you don't, you feel
uninterested sometimes, but all in all, this book is a
good read.
I close my eyes and spray and piece in my head, a
wall with a shadowy guy on it and a shadowy road in front
of him.
I would recommend this book to ages
fifteen and up, just because of the language would
definitely not be suitable for a younger age.
So, will Lucy find her man or her match? Will Ed
ever spill his dirty little secret? To find out, read
this exciting novel by Cath Crowley!
The profanity in this novel was a force to be reckoned
with. Reader discretion advised!
Leopold, Missouri U.S.A