Monday, March 12, 2012

Mallory in the Spotlight

I read the book Mallory in the Spotlight by Laurie
Friedman.  The main characters in the book are Mallory and
Mary Ann.  When their school decides to put on the play,
Annie both girls try out for a part.  Mallory wins the
part of Annie but Mary Ann does not get any part at all.
Mary Ann begins ignoring Mallory.  Mallory is sad and
doesn t know what to do about the situation.  Two girls in
the class begin to be nice to Mallory.  They act like they
are her new best friends.  Mallory sends them an email
explaining how sad she is that Mary Ann is ignoring her. 
They send the email on to Mary Ann. Mary Ann becomes upset
and Mallory get embarrassed. In the end Mary Ann and
Mallory work out their problems and promise to stay best

Mallory in the Spotlight is a good book and I could barely
put it down because of the excitement.  It was well
written and I wanted to know what would happen next.  My
favorite part is when Mallory and Mary Ann become friends
again. Jealousy can ruin a friendship.  These girls work
out their problems but that does not always happen in real
life. Mallory in the Spotlight is the fourteenth book in
the series.You don't have to read the first ones to
understand this one but now, I want to read them all.   I
think that girls seven through twelve will like this book.
Age 8
Jackson, MO USA