Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Study Train: Reunion of the Untouchables by Kurt Frenier

The book Study Train was about a boy, Ethan, who gets a mysterious invitation to ride on a train. He was unhappy at home and school, so he packs his bags and leaves on the train. Ethan meets the conductor/headmaster, Althulos, of the train, who introduces him to all the other people on the train. They are all friendly and welcome him warmly. The headmaster shows him the delivery room, where he learns many interesting things.

He finds out about the untouchables, people whose images are in the delivery room. The untouchables identify Ethan as their leader, and they train him in their powers. Ethan is asked by the headmaster to fly the train wherever he likes. Ethan picks Shanghi, where Althulos powers are weakest.

A battle occurs in Shanghai, which tests Ethans loyalties.  In the end, Ethan learns who his true friends are .

In my opinion, this book was OK.  It wasn't amazing, and it wasn't boring.
The author could have improved by giving more details.  The book was too fast paced in my opinion, and too short.  More information would have helped this problem.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Friendswood, TX USA