Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Dark Deeps by Arthur Slade

Modo and Octavia are english spies in 19th century England sent by the government to follow the french spy Colette Brunet and figure out what she has been sent to find. After Modo steals some important documents from a french ambassador, they learn that Colette Brunet was sent to work on an assignment called Project Ictineo. It soon becomes imperative for Octavia and Modo to find and claim Project Ictineo for England before Colette Brunetcan claim it in the name of France. Throughout the entire mission, Octavia and Modo are stalked by a mysterious and sinister presence. Modo must also deal with his feelings for Octavia and his hatred of himself.
I really enjoyed this book because the author takes you into the story and the characters. Through the use of different points of view, each of the main characters enjoys a certain depth and has specific role in the book. The way the setting is described you really get the feeling that you are in 19th century london. Readers can relate to Modos unhappiness with his outward appearance but cannot fully relate to his true self hatred and loathing. I thought that the steady under current of romance in this book was done really well, and that all of the internal struggles fit together.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: 9376 Garden Ridge Drive, Texas USA