Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gray by Rachel Karns

Gray by Rachel Karns is about 19 year old Maggie who is a little lost in her life. She has grown up in a small town and has opted out of going to college so she can run her father's jewelry store. Maggie is also masquerading as a jewelry maker named Lenora who has put her parent's store back on top. While her parents are away Maggie reads of a John Doe that desperately needs her help and that is when the real story starts. Maggie pretends to be John Doe's fiance so she can help him out but ends up going with him on a great adventure. Maggie then finds out what love and life really mean.
Captivating! That is the best word to express my opinion of this book. I was delayed on a plane and was able to finish this book in less than three hours before we even landed. The character of Maggie was familiar yet a mystery. I am the same age as Maggie so I could relate to her but I also found myself so intrigued that this 19 year old girl could fall in love with such an older man.  This book was not only intriguing but enthralling and well thought out. The love story aspect was expected but the wolf aspect was very surprising. I was very interested in reading about those amazing creatures. I would recommend this book to any person around the age of 18-20 that likes a good love story but also likes the theme of animals. I give Rachel Karns 5 stars. Excellent novel!

Reviewer Age:19
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mantua, NJ USA