Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Lincolns by Candace Fleming

The Lincolns by Candace Fleming is a fabulous non-fiction book about the lives of Abraham and Mary Lincoln. Everyone has heard the story of Abraham Lincoln, but I loved it because it also told the story of Mary Lincoln. It was interesting to see the contrast between Abrahams and Marys childhood. Abraham was a hard working farm boy and Mary never worked a day in her life, coming from a rich family. In this book the reader also learns about the lives of the Lincoln's sons, Tad, William and Thomas.

I liked this book because it contains hundreds of little articles. This is a book written like a scrapbook and is filled with pictures, timelines, letters, and newspaper articles. I wish the author spent more time talking about Lincoln's assassination. Still, I think this the best book for kids about both Abraham and Mary Lincoln. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves facts and biography fans.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Lake Bluff, IL USA