Friday, July 01, 2016

A new student review of Spring of Elves

moseso posted a new student review of Spring of Elves . See the full review.

Spring of Elves is the final book in the Seasons of Elves series by Joanne Vruno. It is a thrilling and exciting conclusion to the series. Although I felt a few chapters were lacking in detail compared to the other books, this story is certainly one you’ll want to read!


Although the book had many of the same elements and plots as the previous books, there is still a sense of excitement as well as finality throughout the storyline. When the rock elves sent by King Helmar begin to become more than aggressive, the light elf leaders devise a plan to rid their villages of this threat! Ogres and other mythical creatures add to the surprising twists and turns of the story.


In conclusion, Spring of Elves is a wonderful end to the series, and I would recommend all Seasons of Elves fans read this book!