Monday, March 30, 2015

A new student review of Fat & Bones by Larissa Theule

crabby posted a new student review of Fat & Bones by Larissa Theule. See the full review.

If I was expecting anything resembling a normal set of stories when I began this journey, let me tell you: I was very, very wrong. I was expecting, as one might, a conventionally cute collection of stories about animals on a farm, and I wasn’t especially excited about it.


As soon as the meat cleaver came out, however, I was in love.


This may sound a bit harsh for a kids’ book, and true, it may have been vaguely terrifying at times, but that’s what made this story so incredibly splendid: it’s tremendously imaginative but never sugarcoated, managing to be playful and clever as well as grim. The characters are diverse, intriguing, and often unexpected, like a clumsy spider or the brutish old fairy who takes him prisoner. Terrific plot twists run rampant throughout. The writing is lovely, not to mention the illustrations, which are quite marvelous and do well to reflect the peculiar spirit of the book.


If I haven’t already made this apparent, I adore this strangely enchanting book. I know it will delight those who enjoy stories that possess a bit of grit alongside a wealth of creativity, deviating from the Disney-esque norm of modern fables. The world of Fat & Bones is sure to entrap many a fascinated (and slightly petrified) reader to come.