Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sound of Red Returning

The Sound of Red Returning

Ever wish that there was just one Christian

suspense novel out there that you could get your hot

little hands on? Well, your dreams have just come true

with Sue Duffy s new manuscript, The Sound of Red

Returning! Prominent concert pianist Liesl Bower has had

plenty of sorrow and danger in her young life. When she

was a child, her alcoholic father caused the death of her

beloved aunt. Her mentor, Professor Schell Devoe, was

brutally murdered before her eyes. Now, just when her

life was finally returning to normal, just when she was at

the peak of her career, she is again sucked into the

whirlwind of her tutor s demise. The CIA believes that

Mr. Devoe had quite a bit more going on than he disclosed

to Liesl and the rest of the world including him being a

crucial Russian spy that almost had the control to

completely wipe out democracy and set the stage for

communism s rise to power once more. Yet there s a

drawback. The information, secretly coded, was gathered

up in an unsuspecting Leisl s arms as she collected her

numerous sheets of music just before the Professor s

death. Now, the undercover Russian agents are out to get

that code at any price. Currently on the run, Liesl must

do everything she can to survive, and with the help of a

life-roughened CIA agent and a straight-minded old-timer

and his grandson, she just might make it. What Liesl

didn t expect was to lose her heart along the way&&&

Her eyes locked on Ava Mullins, and the last

fifteen years that slippery cushion between her and

Devoe' s murder fell away.

I truly did enjoy this book immensely. It had

suspense, mayhem, comedy, and just a hint of romance that

kept me interested all the way through. I loved how I

could relate to some of the predicaments some of the

characters got themselves into even if I haven t exactly

been chased across the country by demented spies. It had

some soul searching moments, but not enough where it got

to be tiresome to read. The characters in this novel

really complemented the plot all coming from different

backgrounds, different lives, and then being thrown

together by fate s twisted path. This book grabbed me

from the very beginning, and drew me into it, until I read

it from beginning to end. The vocabulary was near

perfection too, enough where it wasn t dry but not so

complicated that I would get utterly lost. One thing I

disliked about this book was that some of the Russian

spies had such difficult names that it took me a while to

sort out who was who and what they were doing. Besides

that one little bump in the road, this book was a

fantastic read.

Ava peered out the window, and Liesl heard her

whisper, God help us all.

I would recommend this book for ages seven and up,

because this book is quite long and some of the story plot

might be hard to understand for younger readers. There is

absolutely no profanity in this book, you have my word as

a gentlewoman. Remember, this book is faith based, with

mentions of the LORD frequently. If this offends you, I d

advise not to read this book.

In the midst of all this terror and trauma, will

Liesl be able to get out of the whirlwind of deceit and

chaos that revolves around the Russian underground alive?

Or will she perish and let the Russians take over all of

Europe? If you want to uncover the answer, read The

Sound of Red Returning by Sue Duffy!

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country:

Leopold, Missouri U.S.A.