Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scandalous! by Hallie Fryd

Scandalous by Hallie Fryd recounts fifty of the most controversial scandals of the 20th century.  The scandals range from the Black Sox scandal to the Rosenberg Trials and from the Kent State Shootings to the Bill Clinton's alleged affair with Monica Lewinski.  Fryd presents each scandal in a newspaper-style format that was common in print media.  Numerous sections examined different details of the case.  Sections include an overview of the case, memorable quotes, the aftermath, its impact in our society today, and other related people or events for those who want future research.  When these sections are put together, they provide the reader a comprehensive understanding of the scandal, and the reader will surely be able to impress his/her friends (as the cover states).

While this book may only be appropriate for its target age group, Scandalous delivers a quality overview of fifty memorable scandals of the 20th century.  I was very impressed with the layout and format of each section.  The numerous short sections for each case make the reading more manageable while also creating more suspense and drama.  However, this book is nothing more than fifty stories.  It is fairly brief, and it may leave readers unaccomplished.  While some readers may be disappointed, this book will spark interest in most readers to do more research on cases, and ultimately, it will provide a significant educational experience to the reader.  Therefore, with the right age group in mind, this book holds a great deal of value.  The cover boasts that you will be able to impress your friends with the knowledge with this book, and I certainly agree with that statement.   

Reviewer Age:22
Reviewer City, State and Country: Eden Prairie, Minnesota United States