Friday, March 02, 2012

Lenobia's Vow by P.C. Cast

In Lenobia' s Vow, readers are welcomed into the back-story of the favorite House of Night professor. Set in France in 1788, at the urging of her mother, Lenobia takes on the role of Cecile, her recently deceased half-sister, to better her life in New Orleans. Fate has a different plan for her, which centers around a mulatto she loves, horses, and the evil Bishop. Lenobia s plan works until the Bishop recognizes her as the illegitimate child and not Cecile. By the end of the novella, she has been introduced to world of magic and marked as a vampyre.

I must admit, I have not read any of the other House of Night novels, so I did some research before diving into a series midway. The novella is a wonderful stand alone book, but the Casts have caught my attention with Lenobia' s story, and I m ready to get lost in the magic of the House of Night.
Although I started of cautious at the beginning of Chapter One, by the end of it I was completely hooked. Needless to say I finished it in one sitting. To all magic lovers and House of Night fans, read this book!

Although the descriptions and language were not too graphic, especially for the setting, I still recommend parental guidance. The rest of the series is for more mature readers.

Reviewer Age:23

Reviewer City, State and Country: Bay City, Texas USA