Friday, March 09, 2012

Blood Sun

Book Title: Blood Sun
Author: David Gilman
ISBN: 9780385735629
Summary: Blood Sun By David Gilman
The book Blood Sun was about a teenage kid named Max Gordan who tries to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of his mother. She died in the dangerous forests of Central America. There, man-eating snakes and deadly creatures wait at every turn. A powerful agency is also hunting down Max to exterminate him. Max is willing to die to uncover the truth, and he must find it before it's too late.
Opinion: The book Blood Sun was an amazing novel that generated constant suspense. I could actually imagine what everyone and everything looked like. I could understand everything the author said and found the book entertaining and interesting to read. I liked how in the end, Riga teamed up with Max to uncover the truth. I loved this book and it is definitely one of my favorites.


Rating (0 - 10 scale): 9
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Springfield, Ohio United States