Thursday, September 01, 2011

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Gwen Frost is the lowest of the low at the weirdest school around: Mythos Academy. It's a school of teens who are filthy rich, know how to beat people up, kill them, even, and use magic. Freaky, no? But when the richest, prettiest, most popular girl in school is murdered, it's too much for Gwen, especially given the fact that she is convinced she should the one dead.She uses her Gypsy gift to investigate, and uncovers a plot that puts her life at risk and learns a surprising secret that her family had been hiding from her.
The thing most focused on in this book is suspense. Which, in my opinion, is a very good thing to focus on, and the other parts were well taken care of as well. Not to mention, the main antagonist is just a little cuckoo in the head, so finding out the mystery of a girl's murder was quite difficult. So, when you finally read those last few chapters, it's a total surprise. Suspenseful book leading up to a surprise ending - what could be better? Although, sometimes when filling in details for a sentence you may not understand, the story fills in too many details. It's given you the info you need to make sense of what you just read, but then it goes on...and on... and on. Sometimes 2 paragraphs, when all you needed was two simple sentences. So, this book has it's good and it's bad.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Santa Fe, TX USA